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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Demosthenes I-X  MMMD2505 PL OK
2 Demosthenes XI-XX  MMMD2505 PL OK
3 Demosthenes XXI-XXXI  MMMD2505 PL OK
4 Cicero I-XII  Leni PL OK
5 Cicero XIII-XXV  Leni PL OK
6 Cicero XXVI-XXXVII  Leni PL OK
8 Comparison of Demosthenes and Cicero  Leni PL OK
9 Alexander I-XI  dpbrown PL OK
10 Alexander XII-XXI  dpbrown PL OK
11 Alexander XXII-XXXI  dpbrown PL OK
12 Alexander XXXII-XLI  dpbrown PL OK
13 Alexander XLII-LII  dpbrown PL OK
14 Alexander LIII-LXIV  dpbrown PL OK
15 Alexander LXV-LXXVII  dpbrown PL OK
16 Caesar I-XIV  carolpelster PL OK
17 Caesar XV-XXVII  carolpelster PL OK
18 Caesar XXVIII-XLII  carolpelster PL OK
19 Caesar XLIII-LVII  carolpelster PL OK
20 Caesar LVIII-LXIX  carolpelster PL OK