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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Health Plea (from The Eighteenth Amendment and the Part Played by Organized Medicine)  KevinS Chapter 3: Pages 17-21 6:32 Listen PL OK
2 The Individualist Position  JarrodS Chapter 21: Pages 234-236 Claimed 13 August Assigned
3 Adam's Ale  TriciaG Three verses. No need to sing. Do read the chorus after each verse, please. 2:52 Listen PL OK
4 Our Soldiers and Prohibition  KevinS A letter to the Editor: 2 pages. 5:04 Listen PL OK
5 Prohibition---Why?  TriciaG 5 pages. 12:37 Listen PL OK
6 Effect of Prohibition (from The Menace of Prohibition)  KevinS 6:45 Listen PL OK
7 The Church and Politics (from Prohibition)  KevinS 7 pages. Listen PL OK
8 The Prohibitionist  KevinS A poem of two pages. 2:41 Listen PL OK
9 First Half-Century of Prohibition in America (from Prohibition)  KevinS Pages 7-17. Do not read Kansas Testimony on page 17. 24:40 Listen PL OK
10 Prohibition  KevinS Center letter to the editor. 1:44 Listen PL OK