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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Preface and List of gods  GillH PL OK
1 How Theseus slays the Minotaur Part 1  GillH PL OK
2 How Theseus slays the Minotaur Part 2  GillH PL OK
3 Pegasus, the Winged Horse  GillH PL OK
4 The Heroes Sail Away in Search of the Golden Fleece  GillH PL OK
5 How Jason Lost His Sandal  GillH PL OK
6 How They Built the Ship Argo  GillH PL OK
7 How the Argonauts Sailed to Colchis  GillH PL OK
8 Hunting the Calydonian Boar  GillH PL OK
9 The Winning of Atalanta  GillH PL OK
10 Turning Everything into Gold  GillH PL OK
11 The Pomegranate Seeds Part 1  GillH PL OK
12 The Pomegranate Seeds Part 2  GillH PL OK
13 The Trojan War  GillH PL OK
14 The Quarrel of the Chiefs  GillH PL OK
15 The Fight Between Paris and Menelaus  GillH PL OK
16 The Duel Between Hector and Ajax  GillH PL OK
17 The Deeds and Death of Patroclus  GillH PL OK
18 The Death of Hector  GillH PL OK
19 The Ransoming of Hector  GillH PL OK
20 The Wooden Horse  GillH PL OK
21 The Lotus-Eaters  GillH PL OK
22 Ulysses and the Cyclops  GillH PL OK
23 Circe’s Palace Part 1  GillH PL OK
24 Circe’s Palace Part 2  GillH PL OK
25 Ulysses and the Sirens  GillH PL OK
26 Nausicaa Rescues Ulysses  GillH PL OK
27 Ulysses and the Swineherd  GillH PL OK
28 The Return of Telemachus  GillH PL OK
29 Ulysses in His Home  GillH PL OK
30 The Trial of the Bow  GillH PL OK
31 The Vengeance of Ulysses  GillH PL OK
32 The Remnant of the Defeated Army Seeks a New Home  GillH PL OK
33 The Adventure with the Harpies  GillH PL OK
34 Pursued by the Cyclops  GillH PL OK
35 Venus Sends Æneas to Queen Dido  GillH PL OK
36 Queen Dido Welcomes Æneas  GillH PL OK
37 The Love and Death of Queen Dido  GillH PL OK
38 The Race of the Four Galleys  GillH PL OK
39 The Foot Race  GillH PL OK
40 The Boxing Match  GillH PL OK
41 The Contest of the Archers  GillH PL OK
42 The Sibyl Speaks to Æneas  GillH PL OK
43 The Dwellings of the Dead  GillH PL OK
44 The Oracle Foretells the Coming of Æneas  GillH PL OK
45 Æneas and His Companions Eat Their Tables  GillH PL OK
46 The Fight Between Æneas and Turnus  GillH PL OK
47 The Death of Turnus  GillH PL OK
48 The Story of Romulus and of Numa  GillH PL OK
49 The Story of Alba  GillH PL OK