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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Prologue: The Four of Them  Leesma PL OK
1 Book I SHADOW VARNE Chapter I Three Years Later  Leesma PL OK
2 Book I Chapter 2 An Iron in The Fire  Leesma PL OK
3 Book I Chapter 3 Three of Them  Leesma PL OK
4 Book I Chapter 4 Gold Plate  Leesma PL OK
5 Book I Chapter 5 "Dear Guardy"  Leesma PL OK
6 Book I Chapter 6 The Writing on the Wall  Leesma PL OK
7 Book II The ISLE OF PREY Chapter 1 The Spell of the Moonbeams  Leesma PL OK
8 Book II Chapter 2 The Voice in the Night  Leesma PL OK
9 Book II Chapter 3 The Mad Millionaire  Leesma PL OK
10 Book II Chapter 4 The Unknown  Leesma PL OK
11 Book II Chapter 5 The Gutter-Snipe  Leesma PL OK
12 Book II Chapter 6 The Man in the Mask  Leesma PL OK
13 Book II Chapter 7 The Fight  Leesma PL OK
14 Book II Chapter 8 The Message  Leesma PL OK
15 Book III THE PENALTY Chapter 1 The White Shirt Sleeve  Leesma PL OK
16 Book III Chapter 2 The Bronze Key  Leesma PL OK
17 Book III Chapter 3 The Warp and the Woof  Leesma PL OK
18 Book III Chapter 4 The Time-Lock of the Sea  Leesma PL OK