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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Introduction  Elizabby 5:28 Listen PL OK
1 Country and People  Horner94 12:55, PL notes posted page 3 Listen See PL notes
2 The Minoan Age  MajorHistory 56:48 Listen PL OK
3 The Middle Age: Transition from Minoan to Hellenic Life  MajorHistory 1:01:26 Listen PL OK
4 Economic Growth and Colonial Expansion  MajorHistory 42:54 Listen PL OK
5 Evolution of the City-State, Amphictyonies and Leagues  MajorHistory 37:03 Listen PL OK
6 Crete, Lacedaemon and the Peleponnesian League  MajorHistory 1:03:29 Listen PL OK
7 Athens: From Monarchy to Democracy  Eysiss 58:56 Listen PL OK
8 Intellectual Awakening: 1, Social and Literary Progress  wsfrmn 28:26 Listen PL OK
9 Intellectual Awakening: 2, Religious, Moral and Scientific Progress  wsfrmn 22 pages claimed Oct 4 Assigned
10 Conquest of the Asiatic Greeks by the Lydians and Persians  simba 22:47 Listen PL OK
11 The War with Persia and Carthage  MorganScorpion 40:54 See notes p. 7 Listen See PL notes
12 The Age of the War Heroes: 1, Political and Economic   23 pages Open
13 The Age of the War Heroes: 2, Society and Culture   21 pages Open
14 The Age of Pericles: 1, Imperialism  Jmbau13 36:46 Listen PL OK
15 The Age of Pericles: 2, The Athenian Democracy  Jmbau13 26:28 Listen PL OK
16 The Age of Pericles: 3, Society and Public Works  Jmbau13 39:38 Listen PL OK
17 The Age of Pericles: 4, Thought, Culture and Character  Jmbau13 1:11:47 Listen PL OK
18 The Peloponnesian War to the Beginning of the Sicilian Expedition  draco35 35:20 Listen PL OK
19 The Sicilian Expedition and the Last Years of the War  draco35 31:05 Listen PL OK
20 A Cultural Revolution   20 pages held pending 1 min test. Assigned
21 The Lacedaemonian Empire and the Ascendancy of Thebes   22 pages Open
22 Sicily and Magna Graecia   7 pages, held for thechristokeller from Sept 19, pending 1 min test. Assigned
23 The Rise of Macedon to 337   13 pages held for Jason from Sept 12 (Jagithepretender) Assigned
24 Economy and Society  draco35 16 pages claimed Oct 7 Assigned
25 Social Aspects of the State  draco35 12 pages claimed Oct 7 Assigned
26 Art and Intelligence in the Fourth Century  draco35 22 pages claimed Oct 7 Assigned
27 Alexander's Empire and the Hellenistic Kingdoms  simba 16 pages claimed Oct 7 Assigned
28 The Organization and Administration of the Hellenistic States   14 pages Open
29 Hellenistic Culture: 1, City Construction and Art   10 pages, contains some Greek Open
30 Hellenistic Culture: 2, Philosophy, Science and Culture  Availle 35:32 Listen PL OK