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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Fuel of the Sun, Part I  ke126 29:35. End reading with: "I need scarcely add that the clashing tide waves are the faculæ, and the vortices the sun-spots." Listen PL OK
2 The Fuel of the Sun, Part II  ke126 23:54. Start reading with: "My present business, however, is to show how these vortices and eruptions...". End reading with: "...are but necessary and predicable results of the constitution I ascribe to the sun." Listen PL OK
3 The Fuel of the Sun, Part III  ke126 3300 words. Start reading with: "There is a method of manufacturing hypotheses which has become rather prevalent of late,..." Assigned
4 Dr. Siemens’ Theory of the Sun  ColleenMc 08:00 Listen PL OK
5 Another World Down Here  ColleenMc 20:59 Listen PL OK
6 The Origin of Lunar Volcanoes  ColleenMc 15:39 Listen PL OK
7 Note on the Direct Effect of Sun-Spots on Terrestrial Climates  Availle 05:58 Listen PL OK
8 The Philosophy of the Radiometer and its Cosmical Revelations  melaniedyoung 18:17 Listen PL OK
9 On the Social Benefits of Paraffin  Steve 20:26 Listen PL OK
10 The Solidity of the Earth  JefferySmith 11:48 Listen PL OK
11 A Contribution to the History of Electric Lighting   3254 words Open
12 The Formation of Coal  Cadia 3076 words Assigned
13 The Solar Eclipse of 1871  Availle 27:40 Listen PL OK
14 Meteoric Astronomy  melaniedyoung 22:55 Listen PL OK
15 The “Great Ice Age” and the Origin of the “Till”, Part I   4390 words. End reading with: "...provided the relative level of land and sea during the glacial epoch were suitable." Open
16 The “Great Ice Age” and the Origin of the “Till”, Part II   5227 words. Start reading with: "I should make one additional remark relative to the composition of this deposit,..." Open
17 The Barometer and the Weather, Part I   3485 words. End reading with: "...and significance of such charts will doubtless be appreciated by our readers." (held for Dedito pending test, 19.09.) Open
18 The Barometer and the Weather, Part II   3167 words. Start reading from: "The grand modern improvement of the barometer, the thermometer..." (held for Dedito pending test, 19.09.) Open
19 The Chemistry of Bog Reclamation   3825 words Open
20 Aerial Exploration of the Arctic Regions, Part I   3402 words. End reading with: "Some rough approximation to such currents may exist, and might be dealt with on this principle." Open
21 Aerial Exploration of the Arctic Regions, Part II   3600 words. Start reading from: "Let us now consider the third danger, that of the darkness." Open
22 The Limits of our Coal Supply, Part I   4553 words. End reading with: "...are restored to animation by dashing buckets of water over them as they lie on deck." Open
23 The Limits of our Coal Supply, Part II   4393 words. Start reading from: "It must be remembered that the theoretical temperature of 116° at 4000 feet..." Open
24 “The Englishman’s Fireside”  Steve 26:06 Listen PL OK
25 “Baily’s Beads”  BettyB 6:24 Listen PL OK
26 The Coloring of Green Tea  Availle 9:06 Listen PL OK
27 “Iron Filings” in Tea  Steve 13:30 Listen PL OK
28 Concert-Room Acoustics  Anitazz 15:47 Listen PL OK
29 Science and Spiritualism  verycherrey 36:26 Listen PL OK
30 Mathematical Fictions  Availle 14:12 Listen PL OK
31 World-Smashing  bshea43 1588 words Assigned
32 The Dying Trees in Kensington Gardens  alg1001 09:39 Listen PL OK
33 The Oleaginous Products of Thames Mud: Where they Come from and Where they Go  Kalamareader 08:19 Listen PL OK
35 The Origin and Probable Duration of Petroleum  Anitazz 20:45 Listen PL OK
36 The Origin of Soap  BettyB 10:21 Listen PL OK
37 Oiling the Waves  verycherrey 11:59 Listen PL OK
38 On the so-called “Crater Necks” and “Volcanic Bombs” of Ireland  CosmicQuinn00 1790 words Assigned
39 Travertine  CosmicQuinn00 1541 words Assigned
40 The Action of Frost in Water-Pipes and on Building Materials  melaniedyoung 21:20 Listen PL OK
41 The Corrosion of Building Stones  sophiagannaoui 1365 words Assigned
42 Fire-Clay and Anthracite   3312 words Open
43 Count Rumford’s Cooking-Stoves  melaniedyoung 16:55 Listen PL OK
44 The “Consumption of Smoke”  melaniedyoung 12:55 Listen PL OK
45 The Air of Stove-Heated Rooms  JefferySmith 16:07 Listen PL OK
46 Ventilation by Open Fireplaces  Thirsch 12:37 Listen PL OK
47 Domestic Ventilation  Thirsch 29:32 Listen PL OK
48 Home Gardens for Smoky Towns, Part I  verycherrey 18:00 End reading with: " vegetables for cookery, under the fruit trees or close around their stems." Listen PL OK
49 Home Gardens for Smoky Towns, Part II  verycherrey 20:33 Start reading from: "Among the suitable vegetables, I may name a sort of perennial spinach..." Listen PL OK
50 Solids, Liquids, and Gases, Part I  Cadia 22:01 End reading with: "...the piston of the pump as fast as its own elastic pressure on itself is diminished." Listen PL OK
51 Solids, Liquids, and Gases, Part II  Cadia 25:22. Start reading from: "Numberless other experiments may be made, all proving...." Listen PL OK
52 Murchison and Babbage  tcjsavannah 06:32 Listen PL OK
53 Atmosphere versus Ether  Horner94 06:47 Listen PL OK
54 A Neglected Disinfectant  Foon 03:40 Listen PL OK
55 Another Disinfectant  Foon 4:04 Listen PL OK
56 Ensilage  Foon 05:23 Listen PL OK
57 The Fracture of Comets  Availle 05:32 Listen PL OK
58 The Origin of Comets  Availle 04:18 Listen PL OK