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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Why Plants Travel  SweetHome PL OK
2 Those that Fly with Plumes or Down: Dandelions  SweetHome PL OK
3 Thistles  SweetHome PL OK
4 Milkweeds  SweetHome PL OK
5 Lettuce  SweetHome PL OK
6 Clematis  SweetHome PL OK
7 Asters and Golden-Rod  SweetHome PL OK
8 The Willow  SweetHome PL OK
9 Cattails  SweetHome PL OK
10 Geraniums  SweetHome PL OK
11 Cotton  SweetHome PL OK
12 Other Fly-Aways  SweetHome PL OK
13 Seeds that Fly with Wings: Maples  SweetHome PL OK
14 Elms  SweetHome PL OK
15 Ash Trees  SweetHome PL OK
16 Pines  SweetHome PL OK
17 Seeds that Fly without Wings or Plumes  SweetHome PL OK
18 Other Seeds that are Moved by the Wind  SweetHome PL OK
19 Tumbleweeds  SweetHome PL OK
20 Wanderers that Cling: Burdocks  SweetHome PL OK
21 Cockleburs and Sand Spurs  SweetHome PL OK
22 Tick Trefoil  SweetHome PL OK
23 Stick Tights  SweetHome PL OK
24 Agrimony and Other Weeds  SweetHome PL OK
25 Flax  SweetHome PL OK
26 Mistletoe  SweetHome PL OK
27 Other Plants with Sticky Seeds or Seed Pods  SweetHome PL OK
28 Wanderers that Float  SweetHome PL OK
29 Seeds that Animals Like to Eat: The Hickory  SweetHome PL OK
30 Walnuts and Butternuts  SweetHome PL OK
31 The Chestnut  SweetHome PL OK
32 Other Edible Seeds  SweetHome PL OK
33 Berries  SweetHome PL OK
34 Cherries  SweetHome PL OK
35 Apples  SweetHome PL OK
36 Seeds that are Shot Away: Oxalis  SweetHome PL OK
37 Witch-Hazel  SweetHome PL OK
38 Touch-Me-Not  SweetHome PL OK