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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Chapter I: The Little Girl  elsieselwyn 19:15 Listen PL OK
2 Chapter II: Good-by to an Old Home  Raviolli Assigned
3 Chapter III: Fine Feathers for the Little Wren  Ipsita0301 Assigned
4 Chapter IV: A Look at Old New York  Vivianlyu 22:38 Listen PL OK
5 Chapter V: Girls and Girls  alicehu24 Assigned
6 Chapter VI: Miss Dolly Beekman  stellahope 21:52 Listen See PL notes
7 Chapter VII: Miss Lois and Sixty Years Ago  Astronollie Assigned
8 Chapter VIII: The End of the World  Astronollie Assigned
9 Chapter IX: A Wonderful Scheme  Astronollie Assigned
10 Chapter X: A Merry Christmas  Astronollie Assigned
11 Chapter XI: The Little Girl in Politics  AnnaR77 30:36 Listen PL OK
12 Chapter XII: A Real Party  Laurab Assigned
13 Chapter XIII: New Relations  vivvexation 24:27 Listen PL OK
14 Chapter XIV: John Robert Charles  bibliophile222 Assigned
15 Chapter XV: A Play in the Backyard  SopB Assigned
16 Chapter XVI: Daisy Jasper  nekha Assigned
17 Chapter XVII: Some Old Landmarks  CMWendt 25:04 Listen PL OK
18 Chapter XVIII: Sundry Dissipations  CMWendt Assigned
19 Chapter XIX: When Christmas Bells Were Ringing  CMWendt 18:02 Listen PL OK