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1 Thusnelda in the triumphal procession of Germanicus, by Karl Theodor von Piloty (born at Munich, October 1, 1826. Died there, July 21, 1886), painting frontispiece  Kitty PL OK
2 Germany Part I: In pagan times: Historical note  Kitty PL OK
3 How the early Germans lived, by Caius Cornelius Tacitus  Kitty PL OK
4 An appeal to Caesar (58 B.C.), by T. Rice Holmes  neecheelok70 PL OK
5 Herman, who freed the Germans from Rome (9 A.D.), by Kate Freiligrath Kroeker  Kitty PL OK
6 Boniface and the oak of Thor (about 723), by the Right Rev. W. Pakenham Walsh  idcmate PL OK
7 Germany Part II: Emperors of mediaeval Germany: Historical note  Kikisaulite PL OK
8 How Charlemagne overcame the Saxons, by Dr. William Zimmermann  Kikisaulite PL OK
9 The Margrave Gero and the Vandals, by Theodor von Heyden (German artist, 1827), painting p. 36  Kitty PL OK
10 The election of Frederick Barbarossa (the red-bearded) (1152), by Cyrus Townsend Brady  Foon PL OK
11 Frederick of the Red Beard and the Pope (1177), from the old chronicles  jbarbacc PL OK
12 Frederick Barbarossa at the feet of the Pope, by Albert Maignan (France, 1844-1908), painting p. 48  alanmapstone PL OK
13 Barbarossa, by Friedrich Rückert  WiltedScribe PL OK
14 Germany Part III: Stories of the Middle Ages: Historical note  Kitty PL OK
15 How Siegfried won a bride for King Gunther, from the Nibelungenlied  neecheelok70 PL OK
16 Bishop Hatto and his mouse tower (about 968), by Robert Southey  catharmaiden PL OK
17 The Lorelei, by Heinrich Heine  catharmaiden PL OK
18 The little Faust tower of Munich, by Frantz Trautmann  neecheelok70 PL OK
19 Germany Part IV: Life in the fifteenth century: Historical note  Foon PL OK
20 The great Hanseatic League, by Eva March Tappan  ColleenMc PL OK
21 The walled cities of Germany, by Sabine Baring-Gould, with the collaboration of Arthur Gilman  ColleenMc PL OK
22 German life in the fifteenth century, by Johannes Janssen  ColleenMc PL OK
23 The contest of the master-singers, by August Hagen  neecheelok70 PL OK
24 John Gutenberg, inventor of printing (middle of the sixteenth century), by Eva March Tappan  neecheelok70 PL OK
25 Germany Part V: From the Reformation to the death of Frederick the Great: Historical note  alanmapstone PL OK
26 Martin Luther as a boy (about 1500), by Mrs. Elizabeth R. Charles  neecheelok70 PL OK
27 The sacking of Magdeburg (1631), by Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller  neecheelok70 PL OK
28 The giant regiment of Frederick William I of Prussia (between 1713 and 1740), by Thomas Carlyle  GregGiordano PL OK
29 The childhood of Frederick the Great (about 1720), by Thomas Carlyle  neecheelok70 PL OK
30 Frederick the Great and the First Silesian War (1740-1745), by Thomas Babington Macaulay  neecheelok70 PL OK
31 The round table of Frederick the Great at Sans Souci, by Adolf Friedrich Erdmann Menzel (Germany, 1815-1905), painting p. 178  Foon PL OK
32 Germany Part VI: German authors and composers: Historical note  moniaqua PL OK
33 Stories from the eighteenth century, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  neecheelok70 PL OK
34 Morning prayers in the Bach family, by Toby Edward Rosenthal (American painter, 1848), painting p. 190  WiltedScribe PL OK
35 Handel, the master of Oratorio (1685-1759), by L. B. Urbino  alanmapstone PL OK
36 The unwritten overture of Mozart (1756-1791), by Heribert Rau  ToddHW PL OK
37 A visit to Beethoven (1770-1827), by Richard Wagner  neecheelok70 PL OK
38 Germany Part VII: Two wars with France: Historical note  adr6090 PL OK
39 The oath at the grave of Frederick the Great (1806), by Louisa Mühlbach (Klara M. Mundt)  GregGiordano PL OK
40 Why the philosopher's letter was not mailed (1806), by Louisa Mühlbach (Klara M. Mundt)  adr6090 PL OK
41 The Queen of Prussia's ride (1806), by A. L. A. Smith  catharmaiden PL OK
42 William of Prussia proclaimed German Emperor at Versailles, by Anton von Werner (Germany, 1843), painting p. 236  alanmapstone PL OK
43 The troubles of a correspondent in the Franco-Prussian War (1870), from "All the Year Round"  neecheelok70 PL OK
44 German wounded in the Gallery of Mirrors, Versailles, by Victor Bachereau-Reverchon (French artist, 1842), painting p. 248  alanmapstone PL OK
45 The watch on the Rhine, by Max Schneckenburger  alanmapstone PL OK
46 Germany Part VIII: Modern Germany: Historical note  catharmaiden PL OK
47 Bismarck in the Reichstag and at home (about 1880), by George Makepeace Towle  neecheelok70 PL OK
48 Student life at the German universities (about 1900), by Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick  neecheelok70 PL OK
49 A day with the German Emperor (1898), by Maurice Leudet  Horner94 PL OK
50 The German Fatherland, by Ernst Moritz Arndt  alanmapstone PL OK
51 The Netherlands Part I: From the Roman conquest to the Reformation: Historical note  Kikisaulite PL OK
52 Besieging a Roman camp (54 B.C.), by T. Rice Holmes  Kikisaulite PL OK
53 The rebellion of Civilis (69 A.D.), by Caius Cornelius Tacitus  Kikisaulite PL OK
54 How Count William of Holland was made a knight (1247), from the old chronicles  neecheelok70 PL OK
55 How Philip van Artevelde was made Governor of Ghent (1386), by Sir John Froissart  kissy PL OK
56 The childhood of Charles V: a reading by Erasmus, by Eduard Jean Conrad Hamman (Belgian painter, 1819), painting p. 302  Foon PL OK
57 The Netherlands Part II: How Holland won her freedom: Historical note  alanmapstone PL OK
58 The ''beggars'' of Holland (1566), by John Lothrop Motley  adr6090 PL OK
59 The siege of Leyden (1574), by John Lothrop Motley  flup PL OK
60 The assassination of William the Silent (1584), by John Lothrop Motley  kissy PL OK
61 Sir Philip Sidney and the glass of water (1586), by John Lothrop Motley  WiltedScribe PL OK
62 How a turf-boat captured the city of Breda (1590), by G. T. Hoare  Foon PL OK
63 The Netherlands Part III: The period of commercial greatness: Historical note  Foon PL OK
64 How a mud-hole became a garden, by William Elliot Griffis  neecheelok70 PL OK
65 When the pilgrim fathers went to Holland (1608), by William Bradford  RuthP PL OK
66 The surrender of Breda, by Diego Rodriguez de Silva Velasquez (Spanish painter, 1599-1660), painting p. 368  alanmapstone PL OK
67 The escape of Hugo de Groot (1621), by Frederick Spencer Bird  Foon PL OK
68 The return of Spinoza (about 1653), by Israel Zangwill  neecheelok70 PL OK
69 The rival tulip-growers (1672), by Alexandre Dumas  ToddHW PL OK
70 When William III of England came home to his fatherland (1691), by Thomas Babington Macaulay  neecheelok70 PL OK
71 The Netherlands Part IV: Little stories of Netherland artists: Historical note  Foon PL OK
72 King Philip presenting Rubens to Velasquez, by Leon y Escosura (Spanish artist, 1834-1901), painting p. 406  WiltedScribe PL OK
73 Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640), by Theodore Child  Nella PL OK
74 Anton Vandyck (1599-1641), by Clara Erskine Clement  Foon PL OK
75 Rembrandt's ''The Night Watch'', by Théophile Gautier  neecheelok70 PL OK
76 The Night Watch, by Rembrandt van Ryn (born at Leyden, 1607. Died in 1669), painting p. 414  Foon PL OK
77 Rembrandt in his studio, by Jean Léon Gérôme (French artist, 1824-1904), painting p. 416  catharmaiden PL OK
78 The Netherlands Part V: The Netherlands in recent years: Historical note  Foon PL OK
79 The American Revolution in Holland, by Hendrik Willem van Loon  flup PL OK
80 Contrary land, by Mary Mapes Dodge  Foon PL OK
81 The festival of Saint Nicholas, by Mary Mapes Dodge  Foon PL OK
82 In and out of a cab in Amsterdam, by F. Hopkinson Smith  adr6090 PL OK
83 The beloved Queen Wilhelmina (born in 1880), by William Elliot Griffis  Foon PL OK
84 Switzerland Part I: In earliest times: Historical note  iBeScotty PL OK
85 The siege of the Lake-Dwellers, by Sir Arthur Helps  iBeScotty PL OK
86 The flight of the Helvetians (58 B.C.), by Eva March Tappan  neecheelok70 PL OK
87 The Devil's Bridge over the Reuss, by H. A. Guerber  WiltedScribe PL OK
88 Switzerland Part II: How the Swiss gained their freedom: Historical note  adr6090 PL OK
89 The meeting at the Rütli (1307), by Heinrich Zschokke  RobMarland PL OK
90 The shot of William Tell (1307), by Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller  ToddHW alanmapstone moniaqua Stoofy catharmaiden Kitty WiltedScribe neecheelok70 mightyfelix bluechien NemoR benderca Foon aaronwhite1977 fsurget flup PL OK
91 Tell's escape (1307), by Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller  Kitty WiltedScribe neecheelok70 PL OK
92 Song of the Battle of Morgarten (1315), by Felicia Dorothea Hemans  catharmaiden PL OK
93 The death of Winkelried (1386), by Walter Thornbury  rumpledpoetry PL OK
94 Switzerland Part III: Stories from Swiss history: Historical note  adr6090 PL OK
95 The Baron of Raron and the ''Mazze'' (fifteenth century), by J. Wilson  neecheelok70 PL OK
96 Peace or war ? (1474), by Sir Walter Scott  neecheelok70 PL OK
97 How the Swiss met Charles the Bold of Burgundy (1476) by Heinrich Zschokke  neecheelok70 PL OK
98 The milk porridge incident: a story of the Reformation, by Clarence Rook  neecheelok70 PL OK
99 The prison of Chillon, by Jacob Abbott  iBeScotty PL OK
100 The lion at Luzern, by Boyd Winchester  Kitty PL OK
101 Switzerland Part IV: Stories of Alpine adventure: Historical note  adr6090 PL OK
102 Swept down by an avalanche, by Heinrich Zschokke  mightyfelix PL OK
103 The slide of Alpnach, by L. A. Gilbert  Availle PL OK
104 The first ascent of the Matterhorn, by Edward Whymper  adr6090 PL OK
105 Tobogganing on a glacier, by John Addington Symonds  neecheelok70 PL OK
106 Switzerland Part V: Life in the mountains: Historical note  moniaqua PL OK
107 Our borrowed scientists, by W. D. McCrackan  Kitty PL OK
108 The tiny farms of Switzerland, by Boyd Winchester  mightyfelix PL OK
109 How Switzerland defends herself, by Clarence Rook  Availle PL OK
110 How the Swiss built the greatest tunnel in the world, by Francis Fox  Kitty PL OK