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0 Preface  Foon PL OK
1 Dialogue I: Prometheus obtains his release from Zeus by a prophecy  OwenCook aaronwhite1977 PL OK
2 Dialogue II: Zeus threatens to put Eros in fetters  WiltedScribe iBeScotty PL OK
3 Dialogue III: Zeus orders Hermes to slay Argus, and to conduct Io to Egypt  iBeScotty svonb002 PL OK
4 Dialogue IV: Zeus instructs Ganymedes as to the nature of his duties in heaven  OwenCook iBeScotty PL OK
5 Dialogue V: Hera upbraids Zeus with his love for Ganymedes  iBeScotty Foon PL OK
6 Dialogue VI: Ixion makes love to Hera  iBeScotty Foon PL OK
7 Dialogue VII: Hephæstus recounts to Apollo the actions of the infant prodigy, Hermes  OwenCook benderca PL OK
8 Dialogue VIII: Hephæstus assists at the parturition of Zeus and the birth of Athena  OwenCook Foon KevinS PL OK
9 Dialogue IX: Hermes refuses Poseidon admission to Zeus, and assigns as the reason the lying-in of the king of gods and men with Bacchus  ToddHW OwenCook Foon PL OK
10 Dialogue X: Hermes conveys to Helios the order of Zeus  svonb002 elsieselwyn PL OK
11 Dialogue XI: Aphrodite charges Selene with her love for Endymion, and, at the same time, laments the tyranny of her son, Eros, over herself  catharmaiden leanneyauyau PL OK
12 Dialogue XII: Aphrodite upbraids Eros for his mischievous conduct in the past, and cautions him for the future  catharmaiden WiltedScribe PL OK
13 Dialogue XIII: Asklepius and Herakles quarrel on a question of precedence in heaven  ToddHW Foon KevinS PL OK
14 Dialogue XIV: Apollo recounts to hermes the manner of the death of Hyakinthus, and his grief for the same  svonb002 aaronwhite1977 PL OK
15 Dialogue XV: Hermes and Apollo envy the deformed Hephæstus the possession of his beautiful wives  svonb002 aaronwhite1977 PL OK
16 Dialogue XVI: Hera and Leto dispute about the merits of their respective children  Kitty Foon PL OK
17 Dialogue XVII: Hermes narrates to Apollo the adultery of Ares and Aphrodite, and the revenge of Hephæstus  svonb002 aaronwhite1977 PL OK
18 Dialogue XVIII: Hera denounces, and Zeus defends, the character of Bacchus  Foon KevinS PL OK
19 Dialogue XIX: Eros explains to his mother why he does not assail Athena, the Musæ, and Artemis  catharmaiden WiltedScribe PL OK
20 Dialogue XX: The Judgment of Paris  ToddHW alanmapstone catharmaiden Kitty OwenCook Foon aaronwhite1977 PL OK
21 Dialogue XXI: Ares ridicules the threat of Zeus, and the chain let down from heaven  OwenCook Foon PL OK
22 Dialogue XXII: Pan urges his claims to be the son of Hermes, who is unwilling to admit his paternity  svonb002 aaronwhite1977 PL OK
23 Dialogue XXIII: Apollo remarks to Bacchus on the heterogeneousness of Aphrodite's children; while Bacchus exposes the character of Priapus  ToddHW benderca PL OK
24 Dialogue XXIV: Hermes complains to his mother of the multiplicity of his employments  leanneyauyau svonb002 PL OK
25 Dialogue XXV: Helios, accused by Zeus of rash conduct in giving up his chariot to his son, obtains a conditional pardon  OwenCook elsieselwyn PL OK
26 Dialogue XXVI: Apollo asks Hermes to point out to him, of the twin dioscuri which is Kastor and which Polydeukes; and takes the opportunity of criticising their divine pretensions  OwenCook aaronwhite1977 PL OK