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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Selected works by Adelbert von Chamisso  KathrynP Please read the biography, "The Bargain" and "Woman's Love and Life" 4053 words 26:51 Listen PL OK
2 Selected works by William Ellery Channing   tcjsavannah Please read the biography and the three excerpts 4025 words 24:47 Listen PL OK
3 Selected works by George Chapman  citharadraconis Please read the biography and the two poems 3138 words [Claimed July 15, confirmed Sep 15] Assigned
4 Selected works by François René Auguste Châteaubriand  intred Please read the biography and all excerpts 2827 words 21:28 Listen PL OK
5 Selected poems by Thomas Chatterton  citharadraconis Please read the biography and the five poems 3727 words Claimed June 4 Listen PL OK
6 Geoffrey Chaucer by Thomas R. Lounsbury  neecheelok70 Some Middle English. 38:11 Listen PL OK
7 Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer  Foon 1962 words 16:10 Listen PL OK
8 The Temples of Venus, Mars, and Diana, from The Knight's Tale, by Geoffrey Chaucer  Foon 1265 words 10:52 Listen PL OK
9 The Passing of the Fairies and The Pardoner's Tale, by Geoffrey Chaucer  KevinS 2229 words [Claimed July 21] Assigned
10 The Nun's Priest's Tale and Truth: Ballade of Good Counsel by Geoffrey Chaucer  citharadraconis 5068 words Claimed July 15 Assigned
11 Selected poems, by André Chénier  RitaBoutros Please read the biography and all poems 25:00 Listen PL OK
12 Selected works, by Victor Cherbuliez  RitaBoutros Please read the biography and all excerpts 6256 words 47:05 Listen PL OK
13 Selected works, by Lord Chesterfield  deongines Please read the biography and all excerpts 1542 words 13:42 Listen PL OK
14 The Literature of China, by Robert K. Douglas  Availle 6592 words 46:49 Listen PL OK
15 Selected Maxims on Morals, Philosophy of Life, Character, Circumstances, etc. from the Chinese moralists  Availle 2031 words 19:47 Listen PL OK
16 Rufus Choate, by Albert Stickney  deongines 3533 words 29:22 Listen PL OK
17 Selected Addresses and Orations by Rufus Choate  pyledriver 3257 words 40:00 Listen PL OK
18 Selected works, by St. John Chrysostom  silverquill Please read the biography and all excerpts 4363 words 28:23 Listen PL OK
19 Marcus Tullius Cicero by William Cranston Lawton  ColleenMc 5460 words 37:36 *Leni has to restore the file* Listen PL OK
20 Of the Offices of Literature and Poetry, from The Oration for the Poet Archias, and Honors Proposed for the Dead Statesman Sulpicius, from The Ninth Philippic, by Cicero  ColleenMc 2656 words 16:11 Listen PL OK
21 Selected excerpts from the Dialogues of Cicero  ColleenMc Please read: Old Friends Better Than New; Honored Old Age; Death Is Welcome To The Old; Great Orators And Their Training. 2774 words 16:38 Listen PL OK
22 Selected epistles by Cicero  ColleenMc Please read: Cicero to Tiro; Cicero to Atticus; Sulpicius Consoles Cicero After His Daughter Tullia's Death; Cicero's Reply to Sulpicius; A Homesick Exile; Cicero's Vacillation in the Civil War. 4832 words 26:51 Listen PL OK
23 Cicero's Correspondents  Kikisaulite Please read: Cæsar to Cicero; Cæsar to Cicero; Pompey to Cicero; Cælius in Rome to Cicero in Cilicia; Matius to Cicero. 2578 words 17:29 Listen PL OK
24 The Dream of Scipio, by Cicero  Kikisaulite 3735 words 25:41 Listen PL OK
25 Selected excerpt from The Poem of My Cid  ToddHW Please read the essay and the excerpt of the poem 5388 words 33:30 Listen PL OK
26 The Character of Lord Falkland, by the Earl of Clarendon  RitaBoutros Please read the biography and the excerpt 3384 words 25:57 Listen PL OK
27 Selected works, by Marcus A. H. Clarke  RitaBoutros Please read the biography and the excerpts 4378 words 33:49 Listen PL OK
28 Selected works by Matthias Claudius  deongines Please read the biography and the excerpts 1533 words 13:15 Listen PL OK
29 Henry Clay, by John R. Procter  pyledriver 5746 words 33:35 Listen PL OK
30 Selected excerpts from Speeches by Henry Clay  pyledriver Please read all five excerpts 3653 words 21:47 Listen PL OK
31 Hymn to Zeus, by Cleanthes  KIBBONAFIDE 782 words Please read the biography and the hymn 05:22 Listen PL OK
32 Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain), by Charles Dudley Warner  deongines 1121 words 09:47 Listen PL OK
33 Excerpts from Life on the Mississippi, by Mark Twain  matthewb5 Please read: The Child of Calamity; A Steamboat Landing at a Small Town; The High River: and a Phantom Pilot; An Enchanting River Scene; The Lightning Pilot. 6105 words 41:36 Listen PL OK
34 An Expedition Against Ogres, from A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, by Mark Twain  ToddHW 2885 words 14:58 Listen PL OK
35 The True Prince and the Feigned One, from The Prince and the Pauper, by Mark Twain  ToddHW 2948 words 17:00 Listen PL OK
36 Arthur Hugh Clough, by Charles Eliot Norton  RitaBoutros 3628 words 29:16 Listen PL OK
37 Selected poems, by Arthur Hugh Clough  Horner94 Please read all 13 poems. 3646 words 22:30 Listen PL OK
38 Samuel Taylor Coleridge, by George E. Woodberry  RitaBoutros 5056 words 41:19 Listen PL OK
39 Selected poems, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge  silverquill Please read: Kubla Khan; The Albatross (from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner); Time, Real and Imaginary; Dejection: An Ode; The Three Treasures; To a Gentleman; Ode to Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire; The Pains of Sleep; Song, by Glycine; Youth and Age; Phantom or Fact. 4545 words 33:11 Listen PL OK
40 Selected poems, by William Collins  NemoR Please read the biography and all poems. 2101 words 18:07 Listen PL OK
41 William Wilkie Collins, by Charles Dudley Warner  deongines Please read only the biography. 1261 words 10:53 Listen PL OK
42 The Sleep-Walking, from The Moonstone, by William Wilkie Collins  deongines 5053 words 36:43 Listen PL OK
43 Count Fosco, from The Woman in White, by William Wilkie Collins  deongines 2776 words 21:46 Listen PL OK