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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 A Woman on the Trail  rkilmer 36:51 Listen PL OK
2 The Dim Trail  rkilmer 15:39 Listen PL OK
3 Converging Trails  rkilmer 24:34 Listen PL OK
4 This Picture and That  rkilmer 21:32 Listen PL OK
5 Dakota Evens a Score  rkilmer 29:04 Listen PL OK
6 Kindred Spirits  rkilmer Assigned
7 Bogged down  rkilmer Assigned
8 Sheila Fans a Flame  rkilmer Assigned
9 Strictly Business  rkilmer Assigned
10 Duncan Adds Two and Two  rkilmer Assigned
11 A Parting and a Visit  rkilmer Assigned
12 A Meeting on the River Trail  rkilmer Assigned
13 The Shot in the Back  rkilmer Assigned
14 Langford Lays Off the Mask  rkilmer Assigned
15 The Parting on the River Trail  rkilmer Assigned
16 Sheriff Allen Takes a Hand  rkilmer Assigned
17 Doubler Talks  rkilmer Assigned
18 For Dakota  rkilmer Assigned
19 Some Memories  rkilmer Assigned
20 Into the Unknown  rkilmer Assigned