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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 01. The Flying Doctor by Moliere  ToddHW alanmapstone Kitty leanneyauyau WiltedScribe mightyfelix Foon aaronwhite1977 PL OK
2 02. At Saint Judas' by Henry Blake Fuller  ToddHW Kitty WiltedScribe NemoR PL OK
3 03. The Grandmother by Lajos Biro  ChuckW Kitty WiltedScribe mightyfelix benderca Foon bhavya KIBBONAFIDE lymiewithpurpose jennlea elsieselwyn PL OK
4 04. Everybody's Husband by Richard Ryan  ToddHW silverquill Kitty WiltedScribe mightyfelix benderca Averagemoe Foon PetitPoiSon aaronwhite1977 jennlea KevinS PL OK
5 05. A Dollar by David Pinski  Availle WiltedScribe NemoR benderca jfgallagher aaronwhite1977 lymiewithpurpose BetsyWalker jennlea PL OK
6 06. Why the Chimes Rang by Elizabeth Apthorp McFadden  silverquill NemoR aaronwhite1977 KIBBONAFIDE janemanning elsieselwyn PL OK
7 07. The Line of No Resistance by Percival Wilde  WiltedScribe mightyfelix aaronwhite1977 BetsyWalker elsieselwyn PL OK
8 08. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern by W. S. Gilbert  Peter Why ToddHW alanmapstone catharmaiden Kitty WiltedScribe Foon aaronwhite1977 lymiewithpurpose KevinS PL OK
9 09. First Come, First Served by John Maddison Morton  dlolso21 Fongie silverquill Kitty WiltedScribe mightyfelix elsieselwyn PL OK
10 10. Wanted, A Male Cook by George Melville Baker  Fongie ToddHW silverquill WiltedScribe PetitPoiSon PL OK