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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Dedication and Preface  Timothy Ferguson 2:12 Listen PL OK
1 Introductory Chapter  Timothy Ferguson 8:19 Listen PL OK
2 Voyage from Penzance to Scilly  Timothy Ferguson 9:31 Listen PL OK
3 Legend: Lethowsow, or Lyonesse  Timothy Ferguson 21.25 Listen PL OK
4 St Mary's  Timothy Ferguson 18:47 Listen PL OK
5 Tollman Head : A Legend of Old Town  Timothy Ferguson 17:12 Listen PL OK
6 St Mary's No.2  Timothy Ferguson 13:58 Listen PL OK
7 St Mary's No.3  Timothy Ferguson 9:03 Listen PL OK
8 Legend of Holy Vale  Timothy Ferguson 22.22 Listen PL OK
9 Bryher  Timothy Ferguson 12:38 Listen PL OK
10 Tresco  Timothy Ferguson 8:06 Listen PL OK
11 Legend : The Knight and the Dwarf  Timothy Ferguson 38:53 Listen PL OK
12 Menawavr, and the Eastern Isles  Timothy Ferguson 6:55 Listen PL OK
13 Tresco No.2  Timothy Ferguson 4.35 Listen PL OK
14 A Legend of Piper's-Hole  Timothy Ferguson 22.59 Listen PL OK
15 Tresco No.3  Timothy Ferguson 5:15 Listen PL OK
16 Legend: The Dane's Grave  Timothy Ferguson 20:59 Listen PL OK
17 St Martin's  Timothy Ferguson Assigned
18 A Cruise Round the Western Isles  Timothy Ferguson Assigned
19 St Agnes  Timothy Ferguson Assigned
20 The Legend of St Warna  Timothy Ferguson Assigned
21 Popular Superstitions  Timothy Ferguson Assigned
22 Appendix  Timothy Ferguson Assigned