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0 Advertisements & Preface of A Letter to Lord Unknown  ej400 36:31 Listen PL OK
1 Part 1 of A Letter to Lord Unknown  ej400 46:27 From “A Letter to Lord Unknown” TO “never fails to work a salutary effect.” (Page 9-28) Word Count: 5870 Listen PL OK
2 Part 2 of A Letter to Lord Unknown  ej400 51:15 From “This natural unpremeditated effect of policy” TO “Policy have since taught other methods.” (Page 29-51 Word Count: 6743 Listen See PL notes
4 Preface of A Philosophical inquiry into the origin of our ideas of the Sublime...  ballastreforest Word Count: 1250 Assigned
5 Introduction on taste   Word Count: 6343 Open
8 Sections 1-11 of Part 2   Word Count: 6444 Open
9 Sections 12-22 of Part 2   Word Count: 3027 Open
10 Section 1-9 of Part 3   Word Count: 6970 Open
11 Sections 10-18 of Part 3  gondola 18:09 Listen PL OK
12 Sections 19-27 of Part 3  gondola 16:09 Listen PL OK
13 Sections 1-8 of Part 4  2839reader 20:43 Listen PL OK
14 Sections 9-16 of Part 4   Word Count: 3346 Open
15 Section 17-25 of Part 4   Word Count: 4665 Open
16 All of Part 5.   Word Count: 4642 Open
17 A short account of a late short administration 1766   Word Count: 732 Open
18 Part 1 of Observations...   FROM the beginning of Observations TO "dominions (whatever the author may think of them), to be the high road to prosperity and greatness." Word Count: 3277 Open
19 Part 2 Observations...   FROM "The reader does not, I hope, imagine that I mean seriously to set about the refutation of these uningenious" TO "I say not; but how becoming in the author, I leave it to his friends to determine." Word Count: 5672 Open
20 Part 3 of Observations...   FROM "Having thus gone through the questions of war and peace, the author proceeds to state our debt, and the interest which it carried," TO "make complaints which have no cause, in order to raise hopes which have no foundation." Word Count: 3642 Open
21 Part 4 of Observations...   FROM "When a representation is built on truth and nature, one member supports the other, and mutual lights" TO "she borrowed; but she borrowed upon bad terms, indeed on the most exorbitant usury." Word Count: 3202 Open
22 Part 5 of Observations...   FROM "In speaking of a foreign revenue, the very pretence to accuracy would be the most inaccurate thing in the world." TO " I greatly fear that the error has not lately been on the side of profusion." Word Count: 5203 Open
23 Part 6 of Observations...   FROM "Another head is the saving on the army and ordnance extraordinaries, particularly in the American branch." TO "Atque idem jungat vulpes, et mulgeat hircos." Word Count: 6966 Open
24 Part 7 of Observations...   FROM "As the author has stated this Indian taxation for no visible purpose relative to his plan of supply," TO "in a time when she was not immediately threatened by her neighbors." Word Count: 5343 Open
25 Part 8 of Observations...   FROM "It was at this time, and in these circumstances, that a new administration was formed. Professing even industriously," TO "but throws them directly upon the administration which succeeded to that of his friends." Word Count: 5127 Open
26 Part 9 of Observations...   FROM "It is not always very pleasant to be obliged to produce the detail of this kind of transactions to the public view." TO the End of Observations... Word Count: 5492 Open
27 Appendix of Observations…   Word Count: 1601 Open
28 Part 1 of Thoughts on the cause of the present discontents   From Thoughts... TO “a refuge in any sort of reversionary hope.” (Page 435-450) Word Count: 4565 Open
29 Part 2 of Thoughts…   From “These singular advantages inspired his” TO “against the spirit of the whole constitution.” (Page 451-469) Word Count: 5581 Open
30 Part 3 of Thoughts…   From “A plan of favoritism for our executory” TO “choose to call themselves his friends.” (Page 470-489) Word Count: 6168 Open
31 Part 4 of Thoughts…   From “If particular men had grown into an attachment” TO “only to the legislature itself.” (Page 490-506) Word Count: 5033 Open
32 Part 5 of Thoughts…   From “When the House of Commons, in an” TO “or pretences, for the cure of it.” (Page 507-522) Word Count: 4561 Open
33 Part 6 of Thoughts…   From “An exterior administration, chosen for its” TO the end of thoughts… Word Count: 4552 Open