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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Ports of the Open Sea  Mattaghetti PL OK
2 The Three Kings  ellies PL OK
3 The Outside Track  Mattaghetti PL OK
4 Sydney-Side  ellies PL OK
5 The Rovers  Mattaghetti PL OK
6 Foreign Lands  ellies PL OK
7 Mary Lemaine  ellies PL OK
8 The Shakedown on the Floor  ellies PL OK
9 Reedy River  ellies PL OK
10 Old Stone Chimney  NemoR PL OK
11 Song of the Old Bullock-Driver  brucek PL OK
12 The Lights of Cobb and Co.  brucek PL OK
13 How the Land was Won  brucek PL OK
14 The Boss over the Board  ellies PL OK
15 When the Ladies Come to the Shearing Shed  ellies PL OK
16 The Ballad of the Rouseabout  KIBBONAFIDE PL OK
17 Years after the War in Australia  KIBBONAFIDE PL OK
18 The Old Jimmy Woodser  ellies PL OK
19 The Christ of the 'Never'  Jabu2906 PL OK
20 The Cattle-Dog's Death  NemoR PL OK
21 The Song of the Darling River  2839reader PL OK
22 Rain in the Mountains  2839reader PL OK
23 A May Night on the Mountains  2839reader PL OK
24 The New Chum Jackaroo  2839reader PL OK
25 The Dons of Spain  2839reader PL OK
26 The Bursting of the Boom  2839reader PL OK
27 Antony Villa  2839reader PL OK
28 Second Class Wait Here  NemoR PL OK
29 The Ships that Won't Go Down  ellies PL OK
30 The Men We Might Have Been  jfgallagher PL OK
31 The Way of the World  brucek PL OK
32 The Battling Days  brucek PL OK
33 Written Afterwards  brucek PL OK
34 The Uncultured Rhymer to His Cultured Critics  KIBBONAFIDE PL OK
35 The Writer's Dream  realisticspeakers PL OK
36 The Jolly Dead March  KIBBONAFIDE PL OK
37 My Literary Friend  jfgallagher PL OK
38 Mary Called Him 'Mister'  lymiewithpurpose PL OK
39 Rejected  lymiewithpurpose PL OK
40 O'Hara, J.P.  lymiewithpurpose PL OK
41 Bill and Jim Fall Out  lymiewithpurpose PL OK
42 The Paroo  lymiewithpurpose PL OK
43 The Green-Hand Roseabout  lymiewithpurpose PL OK
44 The Man from Waterloo  lymiewithpurpose PL OK
45 Saint Peter  lymiewithpurpose PL OK
46 The Stranger's Friend  lymiewithpurpose PL OK
47 The God-Forgotten Election  KIBBONAFIDE PL OK
48 The Boss's Boots  Algy Pug PL OK
49 The Captain of the Push  ellies PL OK
50 Billy's 'Square Affair'  Algy Pug PL OK
51 A Derry on a Cove  PhilipLa PL OK
52 Rise Ye! Rise Ye!  Algy Pug PL OK
53 The Ballad of Mabel Clare  Algy Pug PL OK
54 Constable M‘Carthy’s Investigations  ellies PL OK
55 At the Tug-of-War  PhilipLa PL OK
56 Here's Luck  ellies PL OK
57 The Men Who Come Behind  ellies PL OK
58 The Days When We Went Swimming  ellies PL OK
59 The Old Bark School  ellies PL OK
60 Trouble on the Selection  ellies PL OK
61 The Professional Wanderer  PhilipLa PL OK
62 A Little Mistake  ellies PL OK
63 A Study in the 'Nood'  ellies PL OK
64 A Word to Texas Jack  ellies PL OK
65 The Grog-an'-Grumble Steeplechase  ellies PL OK
66 But What's the Use  ellies PL OK