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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Mr. Bellamy’s Offer  AnnikeLindhout PL OK
2 Next Term  nimnom PL OK
3 In Katie’s Room  nimnom PL OK
4 Mrs. Abbott’s Explanation  DianaS PL OK
5 Mary Ann Stubbs  Jbholland77 PL OK
6 Mary Ann’s Charge  KathrynP PL OK
7 Elfie Tells a Story  KathrynP PL OK
8 A Rainy Day  Horner94 PL OK
9 Some Leaves from a Diary  dng04 PL OK
10 A Mean Act  nisaacs PL OK
11 The S. C.’s  millieglassbury PL OK
12 Dressing Dolls  millieglassbury PL OK
13 The Committee Buy Ribbons and Make an Acquaintance  millieglassbury PL OK
14 The Adventure Discussed  wordwork2 PL OK
15 The White Queen  Jbholland77 PL OK
16 In Mrs. Abbott’s Room  wordwork2 PL OK
17 Lily’s Preachment  nisaacs PL OK
18 In Vacation  nisaacs PL OK
19 A Happy Day  bhavya PL OK
20 Letters  Anitazz PL OK
21 In Katie’s Home  Lynnet PL OK
22 The Christmas-tree’s Second Crop  Silvi PL OK
23 The Letter in Cipher  sagetyrtle PL OK
24 Catching a Train  sagetyrtle PL OK
25 The Sphinx  sagetyrtle PL OK
26 Elfie Gone!  Horner94 PL OK
27 On the Road  nisaacs PL OK
28 A Traveling Acquaintance  MaryWindishar PL OK
29 Watching and Waiting  nisaacs PL OK
30 In Troy  sagetyrtle PL OK
31 An Exciting Night  KathrynP PL OK
32 A Deep Sleep  FIftikhar123 PL OK
33 Marion is Happy  Silvi PL OK
34 The Prize Awarded  sagetyrtle PL OK