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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 A Strutter  silverquill PL OK
2 The Silly Six  ellies PL OK
3 The Meddler  ellies PL OK
4 Scaring the Geese  ellies PL OK
5 A Safe Perch  ellies PL OK
6 The Mimic  ellies PL OK
7 Half Wrong  ellies PL OK
8 Hard to Please  ellies PL OK
9 A Strange Gobble  Shasta PL OK
10 The Worm Turns  Shasta PL OK
11 Bluster  Shasta PL OK
12 Mr. Crow's News  Shasta PL OK
13 The New Pet  Shasta PL OK
14 A Proud Person  Shasta PL OK
15 Mrs. Wren's Advice  Shasta PL OK
16 Drumming on a Log  Shasta PL OK
17 A Game Bird  Shasta PL OK
18 Red Lightning  Shasta PL OK
19 Night in the Woods  MajorToast PL OK
20 Beaks and Bills  MajorToast PL OK
21 Farmyard Manners  MajorToast PL OK
22 Cranberry Sauce  Nedge PL OK
23 Vacation Time  Nedge PL OK
24 Brother Tom  Nedge PL OK