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0 Preface; Introduction; Epistle Dedicatory  david wales PL OK
1 Part 1: The Dissembler; The Flatterer; The Coward; The Over-Zealous Man; The Tactless Man; The Shameless Man; The Newsmonger; The Mean Man; The Stupid Man; The Surly Man.  david wales PL OK
2 Part 2: The Superstitious Man; The Thankless Man; The Suspicious Man; The Disagreeable Man; The Exquisite; The Garrulous Man; The Bore; The Rough; The Affable Man; The Impudent Man.  david wales PL OK
3 Part 3: The Gross Man; The Boor; The Penurious Man; The Pompous Man; The Braggart; The Oligarch; The Backbiter; The Avaricious Man; The Late Learner; The Vicious Man.  david wales PL OK