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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Preface  CharlesSapp 3:41 Listen PL OK
1 The Mayo Fusiliers  CharlesSapp 35:41 Listen PL OK
2 Two Dangers  CharlesSapp 32:55 Listen PL OK
8 A False Alarm  CharlesSapp Assigned
9 The Retreat  CharlesSapp Assigned
10 Corunna  CharlesSapp Assigned
11 An Escape  CharlesSapp Assigned
12 A Dangerous Mission  CharlesSapp Assigned
13 An Awkward Position  CharlesSapp Assigned
14 An Independent Command  CharlesSapp Assigned
15 The First Skirmish  CharlesSapp Assigned
16 In the Passes  CharlesSapp Assigned
17 An Escape  CharlesSapp Assigned
18 Mary O'Connor  CharlesSapp Assigned
19 Confirmed in Command  CharlesSapp Assigned
20 With the Mayos  CharlesSapp Assigned
21 Portugal Freed  CharlesSapp Assigned
22 News from Home  CharlesSapp Assigned