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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 On the Raft  Nedge PL OK
2 To the Rescue  Nedge PL OK
3 Strange News  Nedge PL OK
4 Getting Ready  Nedge PL OK
5 Off for Florida  Nedge PL OK
6 In a Pipe  Nedge PL OK
7 The Shark  Nedge PL OK
8 The Fight in the Boat  Nedge PL OK
9 St. Augustine  Nedge PL OK
10 Cousin Jasper's Story  Nedge PL OK
11 The Motorboat  Nedge PL OK
12 The Deep Blue Sea  Nedge PL OK
13 Flossie's Doll  Nedge PL OK
14 Freddie's Fish  Nedge PL OK
15 ''Land Ho!''  Nedge PL OK
16 Under the Palms  Nedge PL OK
17 A Queer Nest  Nedge PL OK
18 The ''Swallow'' is Gone  Nedge PL OK
19 Away Again  Nedge PL OK
20 Orange Island  Nedge PL OK
21 Looking for Jack  Nedge PL OK
22 Found at Last  Nedge PL OK