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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Sparkling Waves over High Explosives  LikeManyWaters PL OK
2 Vive La France  LikeManyWaters PL OK
3 That Mr. G. Slade of Detroit  LikeManyWaters PL OK
4 The Impossible Uncle Robert  LikeManyWaters PL OK
5 ''Here's My Boy, Governor''  LikeManyWaters PL OK
6 ''We Both Need You''  LikeManyWaters PL OK
7 The Girl Bunch  LikeManyWaters PL OK
8 In the Dress of Magnificence  LikeManyWaters PL OK
9 ''O'er the Land of the Free-''  LikeManyWaters PL OK
10 Vitriol and the Hoodoo  LikeManyWaters PL OK
11 Business and Pie  LikeManyWaters PL OK
12 The Beautiful Madam Whitworth  LikeManyWaters PL OK
13 Brothers by Bloodshed  LikeManyWaters PL OK
14 To Bear Men and to Save Them  LikeManyWaters PL OK
15 ''Behold, I Am a Spy!''  LikeManyWaters PL OK
16 ''Immediately I Come to You!''  LikeManyWaters PL OK
17 The Tall Timbers of Old Harpeth  LikeManyWaters PL OK
18 The Camp Heaven  LikeManyWaters PL OK
19 All is Lost  LikeManyWaters PL OK
20 ''You Are-Myself!''  LikeManyWaters PL OK