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0 St. Bonaventure's Preface  ekortright PL OK
1 Chapter I. The Angels intercede for Man's redemption  ekortright PL OK
2 Chapter II. The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and her seven petitions to God  ekortright PL OK
3 Chapter III. The Incarnation of Christ, and the angelical salutation of the Blessed Virgin  ekortright PL OK
4 Chapter IV. Our blessed Lady visits her cousin St. Elizabeth, in whose house the Magnificat and Benedictus were composed  ekortright PL OK
5 Chapter V. St. Joseph thinks of dismissing the Blessed Virgin, and God suffers his beloved to be afflicted  ekortright PL OK
6 Chapter VI. The Nativity of Jesus Christ  ekortright PL OK
7 Chapter VII. The Circumcision of our Lord Jesus Christ  ekortright PL OK
8 Chapter VIII. The Epiphany, or manifestation of our Lord Jesus  ekortright PL OK
9 Chapter IX. The Blessed Virgin remains at the crib at Bethlehem, till the full term of forty days is expired  ekortright PL OK
10 Chapter X. The Purification of our blessed Lady, or Candlemas-day  ekortright PL OK
11 Chapter XI. Christ's flight into Egypt  ekortright PL OK
12 Chapter XII. Our Lord's return from Egypt  ekortright PL OK
13 Chapter XIII. Our Lord remains at Jerusalem  ekortright PL OK
14 Chapter XIV. Our Lord's life from his twelfth to his thirtieth year  ekortright PL OK
15 Chapter XV. The Baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ  ekortright PL OK
16 Chapter XVI. The fast and temptation of Christ; his return to his mother; the four means to attain to a perfect purity of heart; the great advantages of prayer; the resistance to be made to gluttony; why, and for whom God works his miracles  ekortright PL OK
17 Chapter XVII. Christ opens the book in the synagogue  ekortright PL OK
18 Chapter XVIII. He calls his disciples  ekortright PL OK
19 Chapter XIX. The conversion of water into wine at the marriage-feast  ekortright PL OK
20 Chapter XX. The sermon of our Lord on the mount, which he begins by poverty  ekortright PL OK
21 Chapter XXI. The servant of the centurion and the son of the prince cured  ekortright PL OK
22 Chapter XXII. The paralytic brought in to our Lord by the house-top and cured  ekortright PL OK
23 Chapter XXIII. Our Lord cures Simon's mother-in-law  ekortright PL OK
24 Chapter XXIV. Our Lord sleeps in the boat  ekortright PL OK
25 Chapter XXV. The widow's son raised by our Lord  ekortright PL OK
26 Chapter XXVI. Our Lord raises a girl from the dead, and cures Martha  ekortright PL OK
27 Chapter XXVII. The conversion of Magdalen, and other things  ekortright PL OK
28 Chapter XXVIII. John sends his disciples to Jesus  ekortright PL OK
29 Chapter XXIX. The death of St. John the Baptist  ekortright PL OK
30 Chapter XXX. The conference our Lord had with the Samaritan woman, as he sat, being faint and wearied, by the side of the well to rest himself  ekortright PL OK
31 Chapter XXXI. The disciples of our Lord pluck ears of corn and eat them, through hunger, on the Sabbath  ekortright PL OK
32 Chapter XXXII. The Jews having driven our Lord Jesus out of the city to the top of a steep mountain, endeavor to throw him down thence  ekortright PL OK
33 Chapter XXXIII. The man with a withered hand cured by our Lord Jesus  ekortright PL OK
34 Chapter XXXIV. The multiplication of the loaves, and how our Lord provides for those who truly love him  ekortright PL OK
35 Chapter XXXV. Our Lord's flight when they would have made him king; and against worldly honors in general  ekortright PL OK
36 Chapter XXXVI. Our Lord prays on the mount; and descending walks on the waters; some reflections on prayer  ekortright PL OK
37 Chapter XXXVII. Christ relieves the daughter of the woman of Canaan who was possessed with the devil; our guardian angels faithfully assist us  ekortright PL OK
38 Chapter XXXVIII. The Pharisees and others scandalized at the words of our Lord  ekortright PL OK
39 Chapter XXXIX. The reward promised by our Lord to those who forsake all for him  ekortright PL OK
40 Chapter XL. Our Lord Jesus asks his disciples what the Jews say of him  ekortright PL OK
41 Chapter XLI. The glorious transfiguration of our Lord Jesus on Mount Tabor  ekortright PL OK
42 Chapter XLII. Our Lord casts the buyers and sellers out of the temple  ekortright PL OK
43 Chapter XLIII. The sick man who was healed at the water in Jerusalem, called Probatica Piscina  ekortright PL OK
44 Chapter XLIV. Our Lord Jesus received by the two sisters, Mary and Martha; and of the two sorts of lives signified thereby  ekortright PL OK
45 Chapter XLV. Our Lord warns the Jews that the church shall devolve on the Gentiles, in the parable of the husbandmen who killed the son of their Lord  ekortright PL OK
46 Chapter XLVI. The Jews seek to ensnare our Lord by his own words  ekortright PL OK
47 Chapter XLVII. The blind man restored to sight at Jericho; etc.  ekortright PL OK
48 Chapter XLVIII. Our Lord goes into the house of Zacheus  ekortright PL OK
49 Chapter XLIX. Christ gives sight to the man born blind  ekortright PL OK
50 Chapter L. Our Lord retreats from the temple to hide himself, when the Jews would have stoned him  ekortright PL OK
51 Chapter LI. The Jews seek a second time to stone him  ekortright PL OK
52 Chapter LII. The raising of Lazarus  ekortright PL OK
53 Chapter LIII. Christ curses the fig-tree  ekortright PL OK
54 Chapter LIV. The woman detected in adultery  ekortright PL OK
55 Chapter LV. The conspiracy of the Jews against Christ, and his flight into the city of Ephraim  ekortright PL OK
56 Chapter LVI. Our Lord's return to Bethania, where Mary Magdalen anoints his feet  ekortright PL OK
57 Chapter LVII. Our Lord Jesus comes to Jerusalem en Palm Sunday riding on an ass  ekortright PL OK
58 Chapter LVIII. What our Lord Jesus did from Palm Sunday to the following Thursday  ekortright PL OK
59 Chapter LIX. Our Lord's supper the night before his passion, and circumstances relating to it  ekortright PL OK
60 Chapter LX. The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, and his prayer in the garden  ekortright PL OK
61 Chapter LXI. Our Lord Jesus betrayed by Judas  ekortright PL OK
62 Chapter LXII. Our blessed Lord is carried before Pilate, scourged at the pillar, and crowned with thorns  ekortright PL OK
63 Chapter LXIII. Our Lord is condemned to suffer a cruel death on the cross, and compelled to carry the same to Mount Calvary  ekortright PL OK
64 Chapter LXIV. Our Lord Jesus Christ is nailed to the cross  ekortright PL OK
65 Chapter LXV. The words which our Lord spoke while hanging upon the cross: he yields up his spirit  ekortright PL OK
66 Chapter LXVI. The opening of our blessed Saviour's side with a spear  ekortright PL OK
67 Chapter LXVII. The descent of our Lord from the cross  ekortright PL OK
68 Chapter LXVIII. The embalming and burial of our Lord's body  ekortright PL OK
69 Chapter LXIX. Our blessed Lady's departure from the sepulchre, and return to Mount Sion  ekortright PL OK
70 Chapter LXX. A meditation on our blessed Lady's conversation with her devout companions  ekortright PL OK
71 Chapter LXXI. Our Lord Jesus descends into the Limbo of the Fathers  ekortright PL OK
72 Chapter LXXII. The glorious resurrection of our Lord Jesus, and his appearance first to his mother  ekortright PL OK
73 Chapter LXXIII. The coming of the three Marys to the sepulchre, etc.  ekortright PL OK
74 Chapter LXXIV. Our Lord's appearance to the holy women  ekortright PL OK
75 Chapter LXXV. Our Lord's appearance to Joseph, to James the less, and to Peter  ekortright PL OK
76 Chapter LXXVI. Christ returns to the holy Fathers after his resurrection  ekortright PL OK
77 Chapter LXXVII. Christ appears to the two disciples going to Emmaus  ekortright PL OK
78 Chapter LXXVIII. Our Lord appears to the disciples who were shut up on the day of the resurrection  ekortright PL OK
79 Chapter LXXIX. Our Lord appears to the disciples on the octave of Easter, when St. Thomas was with them  ekortright PL OK
80 Chapter LXXX. Our Lord appears to his disciples in Galilee  ekortright PL OK
81 Chapter LXXXI. He appears to them again near the sea of Tiberias  ekortright PL OK
82 Chapter LXXXII. Our Lord appears to more than five hundred disciples together; some remarks relating to his apparitions in general  ekortright PL OK
83 Chapter LXXXIII. The glorious ascension of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ  ekortright PL OK
84 Chapter LXXXIV. The coming of the Holy Ghost  ekortright PL OK
85 Appendix. Rhythmical Prayer to the Sacred Members of Jesus hanging upon the Cross. By St. Bernard  ekortright PL OK