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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Black Sheep  mleigh PL OK
2 The Boy and the Wolves  Bookworm360 PL OK
3 Connla and the Fairy Maiden  ElizabethRayner PL OK
4 Earl Mar's Daughter  ElizabethRayner PL OK
5 How Jack Went Out to Seek His Fortune  slimshady11 PL OK
6 The Laidly Worm of Spindleston Heugh  Bookworm360 PL OK
7 The Land of Laughter  Mmemari PL OK
8 The Little Match Girl  kraphuk PL OK
9 The Little Pine Tree  OooThatsNifty PL OK
10 The Sagacious Monkey and the Boar  7ML3 PL OK
11 The Six Swans  Bookworm360 PL OK
12 The Straw, The Coal, and The Bean  OooThatsNifty PL OK
13 The Queen of Lantern Land  ElizabethRayner PL OK
14 The Three Dogs  OooThatsNifty PL OK
15 The Wicked Prince  stoney PL OK