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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Introduction  ej400 PL OK
1 The Staffian Race  ej400 PL OK
2 Pacolet  ej400 PL OK
3 Pacolet's story  ej400 PL OK
4 Recollections  ej400 PL OK
5 Marriage of Sister Jenny  ej400 PL OK
6 Professional: A Case of Spleen  ej400 PL OK
7 The Dream of Fame  ej400 PL OK
8 Love and Sorrow  ej400 PL OK
9 Love and Reason  ej400 PL OK
10 A Business Meeting  ej400 PL OK
11 Duello  ej400 PL OK
12 Happy Marriage  ej400 PL OK
13 Dead Folk  ej400 PL OK
14 The Wife Dead  ej400 PL OK
15 The Club at ''The Trumpet''  ej400 PL OK
16 A Very Pretty Poet  ej400 PL OK
17 Fatherly Care  ej400 PL OK
18 Bickerstaff Censor: Cases In Court  ej400 PL OK
19 Of Men Who Are Not Their Own Masters  ej400 PL OK
20 False Doctoring  ej400 PL OK
21 Drinking  ej400 PL OK
22 Night and Day  ej400 PL OK
23 Two Old Ladies  ej400 PL OK
24 Maria Calls In Shire Lane  ej400 PL OK
25 Sister Jenny and Her Husband  ej400 PL OK
26 Love That Will Live  ej400 PL OK
27 Mr. Bickerstaff's Nephews  ej400 PL OK