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1 The Daisy Chain  CrystalMercy claimed 12/17.....1478 words Listen See PL notes
2 The City Boarder  ColleenMc claimed 12/22....1506 words Listen PL OK
3 Marion Proves her Intuitions  ColleenMc 1554 words Listen PL OK
4 The Abduction of Dollie  2839reader claimed 11/17...1712 words Listen PL OK
5 A Dark Deed  2839reader claimed 11/17...1673 words Listen PL OK
6 The Plot of a Villain  2839reader claimed 11/17...1793 words Listen PL OK
7 On the Track of the Abductor  wordwork2 claimed 12/1...1469 words Listen PL OK
8 The First News of Dollie  wordwork2 claimed 12/1...1544 words Listen PL OK
9 The Picture on the Poster  ellies claimed 1/20...1155 words Listen PL OK
10 Marion Finds her Uncle At Last  ellies claimed 1/20...11582 words Listen PL OK
14 Questions & Answers by Grace Shirley  philchenevert Foon 4000 words. Please read this entire section Listen PL OK