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0 Introduction: The Greek and Arabic Ideas of the World, as the Chief Inheritance of the Christian Middle Ages in Geographical Knowledge  ktzn PL OK
1 Early Christian Pilgrims. Circa 333-867.  lubee930 PL OK
2 Vikings or Northmen. Circa 787-1066.  TriciaG PL OK
3 The Crusades and Land Travel. Circa 1100-1300.  deongines PL OK
4 Maritime Exploration. Circa 1250-1410.  deongines PL OK
5 Geographical Science in Christendom from the First Crusades. Circa 1100-1460.  deongines PL OK
6 Portugal to 1400. 1095-1400  Leni PL OK
7 Henry's Position and Designs at the Time of the First Voyages, 1410-15  Leni PL OK
8 Prince Henry and the Capture of Ceuta. 1415.  Leni PL OK
9 Henry's Settlement at Sagres and First Discoveries. 1418-28.  Leni PL OK
10 Cape Bojador and the Azores. 1428-1441.  Leni PL OK
11 Henry's Political Life. 1433-1441.  RitaBoutros PL OK
12 From Bojador to Cape Verde. 1441-5. Part 1  RitaBoutros PL OK
13 From Bojador to Cape Verde. 1441-5. Part 2  RitaBoutros PL OK
14 The Armada of 1445  RitaBoutros PL OK
15 Voyages of 1446-8.  deongines PL OK
16 The Azores. 1431-1460.  deongines PL OK
17 The Troubles of the Regency and the Fall of Don Pedro. 1440-9.  deongines PL OK
18 Cadamosto. 1455-6.  deongines PL OK
19 Voyages of Diego Gomez. 1458-60.  deongines PL OK
20 Henry's Last Years and Death. 1458-60.  deongines PL OK
21 The Results of Prince Henry's Work.  deongines PL OK