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1 Introduction  jfgallagher PL OK
2 The Preface  jfgallagher PL OK
3 The Life of JANE GRIFFIN, who was Executed for the Murder of her Maid, January 29, 1719-20  PhyllisV PL OK
4 The Lives of JOHN TRIPPUCK, the Golden Tinman, a Highwayman; RICHARD CANE, a Footpad; THOMAS CHARNOCK, a thief; and RICHARD SHEPHERD, a Housebreaker, who were all executed at Tyburn, the 29th of January, 1719-20  Ciufi PL OK
5 The Life of WILLIAM BARTON, a Highwayman  Ciufi PL OK
7 BARBARA SPENCER, Coiner, etc.  Kikisaulite PL OK
8 WALTER KENNEDY, a Pirate  SteveMiller PL OK
9 The Life of MATTHEW CLARK, a Footpad and Murderer  PhyllisV PL OK
10 The Life of JOHN WINSHIP, Highwayman and Footpad  PhyllisV PL OK
11 The Life of JOHN MEFF, alias MERTH, a Housebreaker and a Highwayman  PhyllisV PL OK
12 The Life of JOHN WIGLEY, a Highwayman  blueskies PL OK
13 The Life of WILLIAM CASEY, a Robber  5Tommy00 PL OK
14 The Life of JOHN DYKES, a Thief and Highwayman  Blake1983 PL OK
15 The Life of RICHARD JAMES, a Highwayman  DuckTD PL OK
16 The Life of JAMES WRIGHT, a Highwayman  DuckTD PL OK
17 The Life of NATHANIEL HAWES, a Thief and a Robber  PhyllisV PL OK
18 The Life of JOHN JONES, a Pickpocket  PeterMusgrove PL OK
19 The Life of JOHN SMITH, a Murderer  PeterMusgrove PL OK
20 The Life of JAMES SHAW, alias SMITH, a Highwayman and Murderer  Blake1983 PL OK
21 The Life of WILLIAM COLTHOUSE, a Thief and Highwayman  DuckTD PL OK
22 The Life of WILLIAM BURRIDGE, a Highwayman  blueskies PL OK
23 The Life of JOHN THOMSON, a thief, Highwayman, etc.  blueskies PL OK
24 The Life of THOMAS REEVES, a Notorious Highwayman and Footpad  Grothmann PL OK
25 The Life of RICHARD WHITTINGHAM, a Footpad and Street robber  Grothmann PL OK
26 The Life of JAMES BOOTY, a Ravisher  Grothmann PL OK
27 The Life of THOMAS BUTLOCK, alias BUTLOGE, a Thief  blueskies PL OK
28 The Life of NATHANIEL JACKSON, a Highwayman  PhyllisV PL OK
29 The Life of JAMES, alias VALENTINE CARRICK, a Notorious Highwayman and Street Robber  PhyllisV PL OK
30 The Life of John MOLONY, a Highwayman and Street Robber  blueskies PL OK
31 The Life of THOMAS WILSON, a Notorious Footpad  PhyllisV PL OK
32 The Lives of ROBERT WILKINSON and JAMES LINCOLN, Murderers and Footpads  Kikisaulite PL OK
33 The Life of MATTHIAS BRINSDEN, a Murderer  PhyllisV PL OK
34 The Life of EDMUND NEAL, a Footpad  PhyllisV PL OK
35 The Life of CHARLES WEAVER, a Murderer  blueskies PL OK
36 The Life of JOHN LEVEE, a Highwayman, Footpad, etc.  PhyllisV PL OK
37 The Lives of RICHARD OAKEY and MATTHEW FLOOD, Street-Robbers and Footpads  johnb2 PL OK
38 The Life of WILLIAM BURK, a Footpad and Highwayman  johnb2 PL OK
39 The Life of LUKE NUNNEY, a murderer  HeartsandStars PL OK
40 The Life of RICHARD TRANTHAM, a Housebreaker  Grothmann PL OK
41 The Lives of JOHN TYRRELL, a Horse-dealer, and WILLIAM HAWKSWORTH, a Murderer  blueskies PL OK
42 The Life of WILLIAM DUCE, a Notorious Highwayman and Footpad  blueskies PL OK
43 The Life of JAMES BUTLER, a Most notorious Highwayman, Footpad, etc.  blueskies PL OK
44 The Life of CAPTAIN JOHN MASSEY, who died for Piracy  5Tommy00 PL OK
45 The Life of PHILIP ROCHE, a Pirate, etc.  wildlindajohnson PL OK
46 The Life of HUMPHRY ANGIER, a Highwayman and Footpad  wildlindajohnson PL OK
47 The Life of CAPTAIN STANLEY, a Murderer  wildlindajohnson PL OK
48 The Life of STEPHEN GARDINER, a Highwayman and Housebreaker  wildlindajohnson PL OK
49 The Lives of SAMUEL OGDEN, JOHN PUGH, WILLIAM FROST, RICHARD WOODMAN, and WILLIAM ELISHA, Highwaymen, Footpads, Housebreakers, etc.  wildlindajohnson PL OK
50 The Life of THOMAS BURDEN, a Robber  BeauWood PL OK
51 The Life of FREDERICK SCHMIDT, Alterer of Bank-Notes  blueskies PL OK
52 The Life of PETER CURTIS, a Housebreaker, etc.  jervintl PL OK
53 The Life of LUMLEY DAVIS, a Highwayman  blueskies PL OK
54 The Life of JAMES HARMAN, Highwayman  username146 PL OK
55 The Life of JOHN LEWIS, alias LAURENCE, a Thief, Highwayman, etc.  iBeScotty PL OK
56 The History of the WALTHAM BLACKS and their transactions to the death of RICHARD PARVIN, EDWARD ELLIOT, ROBERT KINGSHELL, HENRY MARSHALL, JOHN PINK and EDWARD PINK, and JAMES ANSELL alias PHILLIPS, at Tyburn, whose lives are also included  5Tommy00 PL OK
57 The Life of JULIAN, a Black Boy and Incendiary  johnb2 PL OK
58 The Life of ABRAHAM DEVAL, a Lottery Ticket Forger  Grothmann PL OK
59 The Life of JOSEPH BLAKE, alias BLUESKIN, a Footpad and Highwayman  wildlindajohnson PL OK
60 The Life of the Famous JOHN SHEPHERD, Footpad, Housebreaker and Prison-breaker  wildlindajohnson PL OK
61 The Life of LEWIS HOUSSART, the French Barber, a Murderer  wildlindajohnson PL OK
62 The Life of CHARLES TOWERS, a Minter in Wapping  wildlindajohnson PL OK
63 The Life of THOMAS ANDERSON, a Scotch Thief  wildlindajohnson PL OK
64 The Life of JOSEPH PICKEN, a Highwayman  HeartsandStars PL OK
65 The Life of THOMAS PACKER, a Highwayman  HeartsandStars PL OK
66 The Life of THOMAS BRADLEY, a Street-Robber  Grothmann PL OK
67 The Life of WILLIAM LIPSAT, a Thief  Grothmann PL OK
68 The Life of JOHN HEWLET, a Murderer  Theophania PL OK
69 The Lives of JAMES CAMMEL and WILLIAM MARSHAL, Thieves and Footpads  blueskies PL OK
70 The Life of JOHN GUY, a Deer-stealer  johnb2 PL OK
71 The Life of VINCENT DAVIS, a Murderer  johnb2 PL OK
72 The Life of MARY HANSON, a Murderer  Lynnet PL OK
73 The Life of BRYAN SMITH, a Threatening Letter Writer  ColleenMc PL OK
74 The Life of JOSEPH WARD, a Footpad  ColleenMc PL OK
75 The Life of JAMES WHITE, a Thief  ColleenMc PL OK
76 The Life of JOSEPH MIDDLETON, Housebreaker and Thief  5Tommy00 PL OK
77 The Life of JOHN PRICE, a Housebreaker  5Tommy00 PL OK