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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Perfect Reader  silverquill PL OK
2 The Autogenesis of a Poet  jfgallagher PL OK
3 The Old Reliable  tparker PL OK
4 In Memoriam, Francis Barton Gummere  GregGiordano PL OK
5 Adventures at Lunch Time  GregGiordano PL OK
6 Secret Transactions of the Three Hours for Lunch Club¬†¬†  GregGiordano PL OK
7 Initiation  2839reader PL OK
8 Creed of the Three Hours for Lunch Club  2839reader PL OK
9 A Preface to the Profession of Journalism  2839reader PL OK
10 Fulton Street, and Walt Whitman  2839reader PL OK
11 McSorley's  Nedge PL OK
12 A Portrait  GregGiordano PL OK
13 Going to Philadelphia  TroubleATM PL OK
14 Our Tricolour Tie  TroubleATM PL OK
15 The Club of Abandoned Husbands  GregGiordano PL OK
16 West Broadway  TroubleATM PL OK
17 The Rudeness of Poets  silverquill PL OK
18 1100 Words  lcmgadgets PL OK
19 Some Inns  Aidan PL OK
20 The Club in Hoboken  GregGiordano PL OK
21 The Club at Its Worst  GregGiordano PL OK
22 A Suburban Sentimentalist  GregGiordano PL OK
23 Gissing  MBraymiller PL OK
24 A Dialogue  MBraymiller PL OK
25 A Dialogue at the Gasthof zum Ochsene  jondalar1988 PL OK
26 Mr. Conrad's New Preface  tparker PL OK
27 The Little House  adr6090 PL OK
28 Tadpoles  plaidsicle PL OK
29 Magic in Salamis  tparker PL OK
30 Consider the Commuter  jondalar1988 PL OK
31 The Permanence of Poetry  silverquill PL OK
32 Books of the Sea  2839reader PL OK
33 Fallacious Meditations on Criticism  tparker PL OK
34 Letting Out the Furnace  adr6090 PL OK
35 By the Fireplace  adr6090 PL OK
36 A City Note-Book  GregGiordano PL OK
37 Thoughts in the Subway  plaidsicle PL OK
38 Dempsey vs. Carpentier  unclejoe PL OK
39 A Letter to a Sea Captain  silverquill PL OK