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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 No. Thirteen, Ward Thirteen  Leesma PL OK
2 Hadley's Cave  Leesma PL OK
3 The Young Heiress  Leesma PL OK
4 Dr. Izard  Leesma PL OK
5 Nocturnal Wanderings  Leesma PL OK
6 The Portrait  Leesma PL OK
7 What the Stroke of a Bell Can Do  Leesma PL OK
8 The House on the Hill  Leesma PL OK
9 Ask Dr. Izard  Leesma PL OK
10 An Incredible Occurrence  Leesma PL OK
11 Face to Face  Leesma PL OK
12 At Home  Leesma PL OK
13 A Test  Leesma PL OK
14 Grace  Leesma PL OK
15 The Small, Slight Man  Leesma PL OK
16 The Letter  Leesma PL OK
17 Midnight at the Old Izard Place  Leesma PL OK
18 A Decision  Leesma PL OK
19 Tomorrow  Leesma PL OK
20 Dr. Izard's Last Day in Hamilton  Leesma PL OK