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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 She Walketh Veiled and Sleeping  Foon PL OK
2 Coming  Foon PL OK
3 Locked Inside  Foon PL OK
4 Now  Foon PL OK
5 Women of To-day  Foon PL OK
6 Boys Will Be Boys  Foon PL OK
7 For Fear  Foon PL OK
8 Mother to Child  Foon PL OK
9 A Question  Elizabby PL OK
10 The Housewife  ellies PL OK
11 Wedded Bliss  ellies PL OK
12 Females  Kristingj PL OK
13 'We as Women'  Kristingj PL OK
14 Girls of To-day  ellies PL OK
15 Women to Men  Kristingj PL OK
16 Reassurance  ellies PL OK
17 The Socialist and the Suffragist  Elizabby PL OK
18 The Malingerer  ellies PL OK
19 The Anti-Suffragists  Elizabby PL OK
20 The 'Anti' and the Fly  ellies PL OK
21 To the Indifferent Women  Elizabby PL OK
22 Women Do Not Want It  Kristingj PL OK
23 Song for Equal Suffrage  Elizabby PL OK
24 Another Star  Kristingj PL OK
25 She Who Is to Come  Elizabby PL OK