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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Surprise  jenniferrd PL OK
2 At the Beach  Shasta PL OK
3 About Arcturus  JayKitty76 PL OK
4 Friends from Home  JayKitty76 PL OK
5 When School Begins  Lynnet PL OK
6 Dora’s Birthday  bobb PL OK
7 About Boston  Shasta PL OK
8 Sunday Afternoon  bobb PL OK
9 The Kitten’s Story  NoelBadrian PL OK
10 The Victory Park  Lushnam PL OK
11 Hallowe’en  larryhayes7 PL OK
12 A Busy Saturday  Tivia PL OK
13 Thanksgiving  Lushnam PL OK
14 Christmas  Shasta PL OK