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1 The Three Cranes in the Vintry.  Lynnet 18:53 Listen PL OK
2 Sir Giles Mompesson and his Partner.  OliverBoliver 14:00 Listen PL OK
3 The French Ordinary.  OliverBoliver 12:22 Listen PL OK
4 A Star-Chamber victim.  OliverBoliver 9:40 Listen PL OK
5 Jocelyn Mounchensey.  OliverBoliver 8:51 Listen PL OK
6 Provocation.  OliverBoliver 9:15 Listen PL OK
7 How Lord Roos obtained Sir Francis Mitchell's signature.  OliverBoliver 7:37 Listen PL OK
8 Of Lupo Vulp, Captain Bludder, Clement Lanyere, and Sir Giles's other Myrmidons.  OliverBoliver 9:19 Listen PL OK
9 The Letters-Patent.  OliverBoliver 26:38 Listen PL OK
10 The 'prentices and their leader.  OliverBoliver 10:25 Listen PL OK
11 John Wolfe.  OliverBoliver 10:42 Listen PL OK
12 The Arrest and the Rescue.  OliverBoliver 17:48 Listen PL OK
13 How Jocelyn Mounchensey encountered a masked horseman on Stamford Hill.  OliverBoliver 21:11 Listen PL OK
14 The May-Queen and the Puritan's Daughter.  OliverBoliver 20:30 Listen PL OK
15 Hugh Calveley.  OliverBoliver 6:56 Listen PL OK
16 Of the sign given by the Puritan to the Assemblage.  OliverBoliver 10:57 Listen PL OK
17 A rash promise.  OliverBoliver 9:24 Listen PL OK
18 How the promise was cancelled.  OliverBoliver 11:42 Listen PL OK
19 Theobalds' Palace.  OliverBoliver 27:02 Listen PL OK
20 King James the First.  OliverBoliver 19:24 Listen PL OK
21 Consequences of the Puritan's warning.  OliverBoliver 18:10 Listen PL OK
22 Wife and Mother-in-Law.  OliverBoliver 18:23 Listen PL OK
23 The Tress of Hair.  OliverBoliver 19:51 Listen PL OK
24 The Fountain Court.  OliverBoliver 6:01 Listen PL OK
25 Sir Thomas Lake.  Roohi 15:45 Listen PL OK
26 The forged Confession.  Roohi 3222 words reclaimed 3/17 Assigned
27 The Puritan's Prison.  Bill Mosley 11:42 Listen PL OK
28 The Secret.  Bill Mosley 1698 words claimed 3/18 Assigned
29 Luke Hatton.  Ahseeyah 3158 words claimed 3/23 Assigned