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1 Present Condition of the Volcanoes of Southern Italy  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
2 The Recent Activity of Lassen Peak, California  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
3 New Theories of Vulcanism and A. Brun  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
4 The Role of Water in Volcanic Activity  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
5 The Volcanoes of Madagascar  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
6 Volcanic Domes  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
7 Quantitative Study of Active Volcanoes  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
8 Ancient Volcanoes in South Africa  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
9 Volcanic Dust and Climatic Changes  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
10 A New Volcano  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
11 An Examination of the Volcanic Ash of Mont PelĂ©e  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
12 Vulcanology  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
13 Earthquake Regions  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
14 Etna's Eruptions, Part 1  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
15 Etna's Eruptions, Part 2  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
16 Plant Invasion on Hawaiian Lava Flows  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
17 The Recent Eruption of Taal Volcano in the Philippine Islands  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
18 A New Volcanic Island  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
19 Volcanic Carbon Dioxide  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
20 Saturated and Unsaturated Iqneous Rocks  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
21 The Genesis of the Diamond  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
22 Notes on Earthquakes  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
23 Eruptions in the West Indies  knotyouraveragejo PL OK