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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Forward  DrPGould PL OK
1 Still Hunts and Stolen Marches  DrPGould PL OK
2 Parable of the Widow's Mite  DrPGould PL OK
3 A Million-Dollar Bribe  DrPGould PL OK
4 Political Spanks and Spankers  DrPGould PL OK
5 A Woman in It  DrPGould PL OK
6 How the Dear People Forget  zanship PL OK
7 Puppets and Pulls  zanship PL OK
8 Grafters and Stingers  zanship PL OK
9 Quitters and Stayers  zanship PL OK
10 Eleventh Hour Surprises  zanship PL OK
11 Paying the Fiddler  Billium113 PL OK
12 Landslides and Storm Centers  Billium113 PL OK
13 The Glad-Hand Brigade  Billium113 PL OK
14 Fights and Feuds  johnb2 PL OK
15 Trail of the Serpent  johnb2 PL OK
16 Fruits of Victory  johnb2 PL OK
17 Love at First Sight  zanship PL OK
18 At the Drop of the Hat  zanship PL OK
19 The Graft and the Gaff  zanship PL OK
20 Flirting with the Fixer  zanship PL OK
21 Kissing by Favor  Lmnei PL OK
22 The Game and the Candle  Lmnei PL OK