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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 A Mysterious Message  lurcherlover PL OK
2 The Boy and the Basket  lurcherlover PL OK
3 The Rajah's Ruby  lurcherlover PL OK
4 Biff Vanishes  lurcherlover PL OK
5 Danger at Dawn  lurcherlover PL OK
6 The Cry of Death  lurcherlover PL OK
7 The Temple of Kali  lurcherlover PL OK
8 Move Along, Biff - Just a Little -  lurcherlover PL OK
9 The Man in the Jeep  lurcherlover PL OK
10 The Tiger Hunt  lurcherlover PL OK
11 A Thief in the Night  lurcherlover PL OK
12 A Double Surprise  lurcherlover PL OK
13 Biff's Mission  lurcherlover PL OK
14 The Valley of Doom  lurcherlover PL OK
15 The Caravan Halts  lurcherlover PL OK
16 The Bamboo Bridge  lurcherlover PL OK
17 The Monster of the Mountains  lurcherlover PL OK
18 The Frozen Waterfall  lurcherlover PL OK
19 The Lost City  lurcherlover PL OK
20 The Master Spy  lurcherlover PL OK
21 Secret of the Snows  lurcherlover PL OK