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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Chapter 15 Stoicism at Court  DrPGould PL OK
2 Chapter 16 Second Thoughts  DrPGould PL OK
3 Chapter 17 Beata Urbs  DrPGould PL OK
4 Chapter 18 "The Ceremony of the Dart"  DrPGould PL OK
5 Chapter 19 The Will as Vision  DrPGould PL OK
6 Chapter 20 Two Curious Houses Pt. 1 Guests  DrPGould PL OK
7 Chapter 21 TwoCurious Houses Pt. 2 The Church in Cecilia's House  DrPGould PL OK
8 Chapter 22 "The Minor Peace of the Church"  DrPGould PL OK
9 Chapter 23 Divine Service  DrPGould PL OK
10 Chapter 24 A Conversation not Imaginary  DrPGould PL OK
11 Chapter 25 Sunt Lacrimae Rerum  DrPGould PL OK
12 Chapter 26 The Martyrs  DrPGould PL OK
13 Chapter 27 The Triumph of Marcus Aurelius  DrPGould PL OK
14 Chapter 28 Anima Naturaliter Christiana  DrPGould PL OK