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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Landing of Pershing  Delmar H Dolbier PL OK
2 "Vive Pair-Shang!"  dread PL OK
3 The First Division Lands  2peltons PL OK
4 The Fourth of July  DrPGould PL OK
5 What They Lived In  mmarkgraf PL OK
6 Getting Their Stride  mmarkgraf PL OK
7 Speeding Up  dread PL OK
8 Back with the Big Guns  mrwemmick PL OK
9 The Eyes of the Army  mrwemmick PL OK
10 The Schools for Officers  BettyB PL OK
11 Some Distinguished Visitors  johnb2 PL OK
12 The Men Who Did Everything  johnb2 PL OK
13 Behind the Lines  LincolnAlphaZeta PL OK
14 France and the Medicoes  2peltons PL OK
15 In Charge of Morale  BettyB PL OK
16 Into the Trenches  mrwemmick PL OK
17 Our Own Sector  garybclayton PL OK
18 A Civilian Visitor  BettyB PL OK
19 A Famous Gesture  BettyB PL OK
20 The First Two Battles  2peltons PL OK
21 Teufel-Hunden  mrwemmick PL OK
22 The Army of Manoeuvre  garybclayton PL OK
23 St. Mihiel  garybclayton PL OK
24 Meuse-Argonne Begins  DrPGould PL OK
25 Cease Firing  DrPGould PL OK
26 General Pershing's Report  DrPGould PL OK