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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Mont Blanc  gailtv PL OK
2 Mont Blanc  gailtv PL OK
3 The Finsteraarhorn  Agentmercury PL OK
4 The Peak of Morteratsch  Agentmercury PL OK
5 The Jungfrau  Agentmercury PL OK
6 The Galenstock  Agentmercury PL OK
7 The Matterhorn  BettyB PL OK
8 The Pic du Midi of the Pyrenees  BettyB PL OK
9 The Breche de Roland  Caprifolium PL OK
10 Mont Perdu  ToddHW PL OK
11 North Cape  kathrinee PL OK
12 The Brocken  Availle PL OK
13 Parnassus  BettyB PL OK
14 Mount Athos  Leni PL OK
15 Mount Elburz in the Caucasus  pschempf PL OK
16 The Taurus Mountains of Cilicia  BettyB PL OK
17 Mount Lebanon  Kikisaulite PL OK
18 Mount Ararat  BettyB PL OK
19 Mount Sinai  BettyB PL OK
20 Gungootree, the Sacred Source of the Ganges  BettyB PL OK
21 Adam's Peak, Ceylon  BettyB PL OK
22 Ascent of the Gunung-Talang, Sumatra  BettyB PL OK
23 Peter Botte, Mauritius  Kikisaulite PL OK
24 The Peak of Teneriffe  PhantomBelle PL OK
25 Discovery of an Ancient Volcano  TriciaG PL OK
26 The Silla of Caracas  TriciaG PL OK
27 Chimborazo  mparker PL OK
28 Discovery of Peruvian Bark  ToddHW PL OK
29 Animal Life in Mountain Regions  BettyB PL OK