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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Jane Gerson, Buyer  Leesma PL OK
2 From the Wilhelmstrasse  Leesma PL OK
3 Billy Capper at Play  Leesma PL OK
4 32 Queen's Terrace  Leesma PL OK
5 A Ferret  Leesma PL OK
6 A Fugitive  Leesma PL OK
7 The Hotel Splendide  Leesma PL OK
8 Chaff of War  Leesma PL OK
9 Room D  Leesma PL OK
10 A Visit to a Lady  Leesma PL OK
11 A Spy in the Signal Tower  Leesma PL OK
12 Her Country's Example  Leesma PL OK
13 Enter, a Cigarette  Leesma PL OK
14 The Captain Comes to Tea  Leesma PL OK
15 The Third Degree  Leesma PL OK
16 The Pendulum of Fate  Leesma PL OK
17 Three-Thirty A. M.  Leesma PL OK
18 The Trap Is Sprung  Leesma PL OK
19 At the Quay  Leesma PL OK