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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Introduction  Elizabby PL OK
1 Sail Ho!  sjmarky PL OK
2 Anchors Aweigh  sjmarky PL OK
3 The Fire Baby  sjmarky PL OK
4 Samuel's First Specimen  Singingreek PL OK
5 Patrippany Island  apanis18 PL OK
6 A Little Wild Man  sjmarky PL OK
7 Strange Specimens for Samuel Salt  sjmarky PL OK
8 Maxims for Monarchs  sjmarky PL OK
9 Sea Legs for Tandy  sjmarky PL OK
10 The City of Bridges  sjmarky PL OK
11 The Prince of the Peaks  sjmarky PL OK
12 Fog  sjmarky PL OK
13 The Sea Forest  sjmarky PL OK
14 The Sea Unicorn!  rampantant PL OK
15 The Collector Is Collected  Fadster PL OK
16 The Storm!  NishthaRocks PL OK
17 The Old Man of the Jungle!  Fadster PL OK
18 A New Country  rampantant PL OK
19 Boglodore's Revenge  rampantant PL OK
20 King Tandy  NishthaRocks PL OK
21 A Voyage Resumed  rampantant PL OK