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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Prisoners  Edmonds PL OK
2 A Hair-Cut  Edmonds PL OK
3 Sanctuary  Edmonds PL OK
4 The Palm  Edmonds PL OK
5 In The Pyramid  Edmonds PL OK
6 The March With Cos  Edmonds PL OK
7 The Dungeon Under The Sea  Edmonds PL OK
8 The Black Jaguar  Edmonds PL OK
9 The Ruined Temples  Edmonds PL OK
10 Cactus and Mexicans  Edmonds PL OK
11 The Long Chase  Edmonds PL OK
12 The Trial of Patience  Edmonds PL OK
13 The Texans  Edmonds PL OK
14 The Ring Tailed Panther  Edmonds PL OK
15 The First Gun  Edmonds PL OK
16 The Coming of Urrea  Edmonds PL OK
17 The Old Convent  Edmonds PL OK
18 In San Antonio  Edmonds PL OK
19 The Battle By The River  Edmonds PL OK
20 The Wheel of Fire  Edmonds PL OK
21 The Texan Star  Edmonds PL OK
22 The Taking of the Town  Edmonds PL OK