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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Just a Word Before We Start  BettyB PL OK
2 In the Land of Goshen  BettyB PL OK
3 The City of Jonah  BettyB PL OK
4 By Railway to the Land of Judea  BettyB PL OK
5 From Dan to Beersheba  BettyB PL OK
6 Jerusalem in the 20th Century  BettyB PL OK
7 Around the Walls of the Holy City  BettyB PL OK
8 The Tribes of God Go Thither  BettyB PL OK
9 On the Site of Solomon's Temple  BettyB PL OK
10 Jews of Jerusalem  BettyB PL OK
11 The Evil Eye  BettyB PL OK
12 Easter in Jerusalem  BettyB PL OK
13 Washing the Feet of the Apostles  BettyB PL OK
14 A Talk with the Greek Patriarch  BettyB PL OK
15 Among the Money Changers  BettyB PL OK
16 Excavating Old Jericho  BettyB PL OK
17 The Dead Sea and the Jordan  BettyB PL OK
18 Bethlehem  BettyB PL OK
19 Among the Samaritans  BettyB PL OK
20 Farming in the Land of Milk and Honey  BettyB PL OK
21 The Colonies and Their Development  BettyB PL OK
22 Where Our Savior Spent His Boyhood  BettyB PL OK
23 On the Sea of Galilee  BettyB PL OK
24 The Zionist Movement  BettyB PL OK
25 The World's Oldest City  BettyB PL OK
26 Shopping in the Street Called Straight  BettyB PL OK
27 The Veiled Women of Damascus  BettyB PL OK
28 Baalbek the Wonderful  BettyB PL OK
29 Across the Lebanon Mountains by Rail  BettyB PL OK
30 American Leaven in the Near East  BettyB PL OK
31 At the Shrine of Diana of the Ephesians  BettyB PL OK
32 Armenia, the Suffering  BettyB PL OK
33 Palestine and Syria Under New Rulers  BettyB PL OK