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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Preface  PhileasBlogg PL OK
1 On the Lewes Road  PhileasBlogg PL OK
2 Pages From Lucy's Diary  PhileasBlogg PL OK
3 Pages From Lucy's Diary  PhileasBlogg PL OK
4 Lucy's Diary  PhileasBlogg PL OK
5 Laura  PhileasBlogg PL OK
6 Lucy's Diary  PhileasBlogg PL OK
7 Lucy's Diary  PhileasBlogg PL OK
8 The Lennoxes  PhileasBlogg PL OK
9 A Drawn Game  PhileasBlogg PL OK
10 Mrs. Prior's Brother  PhileasBlogg PL OK
11 Effie  PhileasBlogg PL OK
12 Under the Blue Gums  PhileasBlogg PL OK
13 Laura Reappears  PhileasBlogg PL OK
14 The End of the Concert  PhileasBlogg PL OK
15 Mrs. Lennox Becomes Confidential  PhileasBlogg PL OK
16 Dacre's Advice  PhileasBlogg PL OK
17 A Question  PhileasBlogg PL OK
18 Clinton's First Love  PhileasBlogg PL OK
19 The "Beauty of Kent"  PhileasBlogg PL OK
20 Lucy's Ride  PhileasBlogg PL OK
21 Dacre to the Rescue  PhileasBlogg PL OK
22 The First Time  PhileasBlogg PL OK
23 Louis Loses His Temper At Croquet  PhileasBlogg PL OK
24 The Second Time  PhileasBlogg PL OK
25 The Beginning of the End  PhileasBlogg PL OK
26 Peccavi  PhileasBlogg PL OK
27 Good-bye  PhileasBlogg PL OK
28 The Picture  PhileasBlogg PL OK
29 The Third Time  PhileasBlogg PL OK
30 Broken  PhileasBlogg PL OK
31 The Slope of the Hill  PhileasBlogg PL OK
32 A Charge  PhileasBlogg PL OK
33 Forgiven  PhileasBlogg PL OK