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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Sonnet - October  tovarisch PL OK
2 October comes, a woodman old  silverquill PL OK
3 The Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher  SopranoRachel PL OK
4 The Reign of the Whippoorwills  silverquill PL OK
5 Ruby Crowned Kinglet  SopranoRachel PL OK
6 The Corn Song  silverquill PL OK
7 The Olive-Sided Flycatcher  SopranoRachel PL OK
8 The Coming of Miss October Month  DianaS PL OK
9 The Tree Sparrow  Tombola PL OK
10 The Sparrows' Bedtime  kimgibbs PL OK
11 The Sparrow Family  FootPauler PL OK
12 Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow's Blunder  damla2001tr PL OK
13 A Window-Pane Reverie  tovarisch PL OK
14 The Black-Throated Green Warbler  SopranoRachel PL OK
15 A Libel on the Birds  tovarisch PL OK
16 Beryl  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
17 Song Birds of the Southwest  VfkaBT PL OK
18 The African Lion  tovarisch PL OK
19 Trouting Barefoot  silverquill PL OK
20 The Alaskan Moose  Tombola PL OK
21 There's a wonderful weaver  tovarisch PL OK
22 The Autobiography of a Duck  tovarisch PL OK
23 A Lost Flower  DianaS PL OK
24 The Polar Bear  Availle PL OK
25 O, beautiful world of gold!  tovarisch PL OK