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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 In the Evening  Kehinde 25:31 Listen PL OK
2 In the Morning  Kehinde 19:37 Listen PL OK
3 The Lost Bag  Kehinde 19:24 Listen PL OK
4 The Inquest  Kehinde 19:08 Listen PL OK
5 Sir Joseph's Intentions  Kehinde 17:27 Listen PL OK
6 Audrey's Knight Errant  Kehinde 16:12 Listen PL OK
7 The Lady Detective  Kehinde 18:09 Listen PL OK
8 A Mysterious Communication  Kehinde 17:25 Listen PL OK
9 The Question of the Clock  Kehinde 12:25 Listen PL OK
10 A Surprise  Kehinde 15:34 Listen PL OK
11 A Story of the Past  Kehinde 18:13 Listen PL OK
12 The Unknown Customer  Kehinde 19.14 Listen PL OK
13 A Blind Clue  Kehinde 18.07 Listen PL OK
15 Ralph's Suspicion  ToddHW Assigned
16 A Dilemma  aydrogekistky Assigned
17 What Audrey Overheard  aydrogekistky Assigned
18 A Legal Opinion  Jinxer claimed 7th July Assigned
19 Matrimonial Arrangements  Jinxer Assigned
20 A Music Hall Artist   Open
21 The Marriage   Open
22 The Photograph   Open
23 One Part of the Truth   Open
24 Another Part of the Truth   Open
25 Revenge   Open
26 Final Explanations   Open