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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The ''Red Scout''  tommack PL OK
2 The Flying Auto  tommack PL OK
3 The Copperhead  tommack PL OK
4 The Challenge  2839reader PL OK
5 The Hoboes and the Bees  2839reader PL OK
6 Shorty Goes to the Ant  2839reader PL OK
7 The Ants go Milking  DianaS PL OK
8 The Gipsy Caravan  msfry PL OK
9 How the ''Red Scout'' Climbed Dobb's Hill  tommack PL OK
10 Quick Work  tommack PL OK
11 The Four-Legged Recruit  tommack PL OK
12 The Youngsters' Great Day  2839reader PL OK
13 Dave's Tiger Story  Foon PL OK
14 With Death Behind  msfry PL OK
15 Mountain Scouting  DianaS PL OK
16 By a Hair's-Breadth  tommack PL OK
17 Biddy Harrigan Remembers  tommack PL OK
18 The Race  tommack PL OK