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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Last of the Goths  sskim PL OK
2 The Wave of Conquest  sskim PL OK
3 The People of Andalusia  sskim PL OK
4 A Young Pretender  sskim PL OK
5 The Christian Martyrs  sskim PL OK
6 The Great Khalif  sskim PL OK
7 The Holy War  sskim PL OK
8 The City of the Khalif  sskim PL OK
9 The Prime Minister  sskim PL OK
10 The Berbers in Power  sskim PL OK
11 My Cid The Challenger  sskim PL OK
12 The Kingdom of Granada  sskim PL OK
13 The Fall of Granada  sskim PL OK
14 Bearing the Cross  sskim PL OK