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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Tocsin of Revolt  iBeScotty PL OK
2 The Duty of the Intellectuals  GaryGrenholm PL OK
3 The Dwelling of a Day-Dream  allanrtate PL OK
4 What is American Literature?  MrsHand PL OK
5 The Centenary of a Question  MrsHand PL OK
6 American Aphorisms  lsware PL OK
7 A Plea for the Platitude  kpatin PL OK
8 The Length of Cleopatra's Nose  kpatin PL OK
9 Concerning Conversation  iBeScotty PL OK
10 The Gentle Art of Repartee  MrsHand PL OK
11 Cosmopolitan Cookery  MrsHand PL OK
12 On Working too much and Working too fast  Elizabby PL OK
13 The Modernity of Molière  Kitty PL OK
14 Theodore Roosevelt as a Man of Letters  MrsHand PL OK
15 Memories of Mark Twain  iBeScotty PL OK