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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Dedication and Preface  silverquill PL OK
1 The Start  DaleInTexas PL OK
2 Chuckwagon's Dream  DaleInTexas PL OK
3 Grazing the Sheep  tootiegoodgood PL OK
4 Letters from Home Brought by Immigrants  tootiegoodgood PL OK
5 Eatumup Jake's Life Story  Bill Mosley PL OK
6 The Schoolmarm's Saddle Horse  Bill Mosley PL OK
7 Selling Cattle on the Range  Bill Mosley PL OK
8 True Snake Stories  wsraymond PL OK
9 Chuckwagon's Death  ajackson PL OK
10 Disappearance of the Sheepmen  ajackson PL OK
11 Our Arrival in Cheyenne  ajackson PL OK
12 The Post-Hole Digger's Ghost  ajackson PL OK
13 Grafting  kimgibbs PL OK
14 The File  kimgibbs PL OK
15 The Cattle Stampede  msfry PL OK
16 Catching a Maverick  wsraymond PL OK
17 Stealing Crazy Head's War Ponies  ajackson PL OK
18 The Cattle Queen's Ghost  Kitty PL OK
19 Packsaddle Jack's Death  Bill Mosley PL OK
20 A Cowboy Enoch Arden  DrPGould PL OK
21 Grand Island  DrPGould PL OK
22 ''Sarer''  DrPGould PL OK
23 Arrival at South Omaha Transfer  Bill Mosley PL OK
24 The Final Roundup  silverquill PL OK